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  1. In Topic: What Are You Taking This Semester?

    Posted 12 Jan 2014

    View Postmacosxnerd101, on 12 January 2014 - 12:08 AM, said:

    My majors are Applied Discrete Math and Econ. The CS minor is built into my math degree. I switched from CS since math offered more CS theory type courses than the CS department did. Hypergraphs will probably be a good deal of implementation, or so I hear. This is the first time the course will be offered, I think. It's actually a PhD seminar, and half the students enrolled are undergrads. I'm taking a full load this semester and Hypergraphs isn't necessary, so I may drop it to free up some time for other courses, specifically second semester Real Analysis. Integration proofs will be a bear, I'm assuming.

    Next fall, I will be taking AI if I can get into it. That's fairly implementation heavy. I'd like to take some Machine Learning in Grad School, as well.

    Sounds like a bit more challenging path than the one I'm on. Sure I have a few theory courses but unless I opt for more, I get away with a couple of assembly courses as well as 3 math courses. It's not that I dislike them per se, but the more theoretical courses take up considerably more time (usually), and I want to be able to put more focus on web development. That being said, the theoretical classes can be really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my assembly/floating point/cache learing class last semester for instance, which I didn't expect.
  2. In Topic: What Are You Taking This Semester?

    Posted 12 Jan 2014

    View Postmacosxnerd101, on 11 January 2014 - 02:56 PM, said:

    That sounds like fun! The Discrete topics should really complement the algorithm analysis work!

    So I hear. The first discrete course didn't really overlap with programming much but I'm told that some part of this one we'll actually implement some of these things, so that'll be fun I hope. Are you done with all your programming classes? I noticed that most of your courses this semester seem to be math related.
  3. In Topic: What Are You Taking This Semester?

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    I'm taking one on web development, a second course on C++ programming, though we'll be looking at algorithms and things like that more I suspect, a second discrete mathematics course and one on the design and implementation of software. After that a 3 week course where we group up and actually develop something. Looks like it'll be a great semester.
  4. In Topic: ASP.NET MVC 5 + Bootstrap tutorials?

    Posted 23 Dec 2013

    Thanks Laytonsdad, I'll look at those. Regarding ASP.NET MVC, I've noticed that there's relatively little material on the internet about MVC 5 compared to MVC 4, would you recommend jumping into 4 instead? I'm torn about this because ASP.NET MVC 5 seems to use Bootstrap by default (which I'd like to learn as well).

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