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  1. In Topic: Using External Libraries

    Posted 22 Apr 2013

    I appreciate your help but could you give me an example. I am not very versed with Netbeans let alone adding third party libraries.
  2. In Topic: Using External Libraries

    Posted 22 Apr 2013

    Can anyone point my to documentation that will allow me to set the paths?

    I was under the impression that when I navigated to the third party library JAR files it would do that for me.
  3. In Topic: Using External Libraries

    Posted 22 Apr 2013

    I thought i did when adding the libraries. I have never added third party libraries before so please be gentle.
  4. In Topic: Nullpointer error

    Posted 20 Apr 2013

    error was in the database file. thanks to anyone that took the time to try though.
  5. In Topic: String comparision question

    Posted 19 Apr 2013

    I do but since the sting water is also in the string watermelon it marks both as true when I only want water to be true.

    Another example

    String test = "Apple Juice";
    String one = "Apple Juice";
    String two = "Pineapple Juice";

    if I do test.contains(one) returns true
    but if i do test.contains(two) that is true as well since it is 'pineAPPLE JUICE'

    I dont want that I want exact. So i have to use multiple arrays with .equals() no?

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