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  1. In Topic: JQuery- Do developers need it?

    Posted 30 Jan 2014

    OK, can you give me an example?
    What have you use javascript to accomplish on a company website in the past and how does using Jquery make that same javascript task easier to accomplish?
  2. In Topic: Migrating a large Coldfusion website over to Drupal *xx@##xx!*

    Posted 16 Jul 2012

    As I stated in this post, I have only been with the company about 5 months so I'm not sure how much input I will have in this decision to migrate the site to Drupal. From what little I know about this decision, the main reason to use Drupal was because the company wanted the website to become an e-commerce site. Iím not sure what that has to do with Drupal but it should be interesting to find out what mind-set is going on here! The up-keep and maintenance of the current CF website has been lacking for a few years now, so there is quit a bit of work to be done to clean up the site. But it still seems to me that instead of handing this well established ColdFusion website with over 10,000 pages to an outside company called Drupal Connect, the more logical way to go is to clean up the existing site and then set up a CF shopping cart. Did I mention the MS sql Server database with over 75 tables containing over 200,000 records!

    I canít speak for others, but as a web developer, working with any CMS like Drupal or Joomla is like working with my hands tied behind my back. Because the CMS does the coding behind the scenes, itís so much more difficult to figure out what the issue is when something goes wrong (and things will go wrong!). Not to mention the huge affect this will have in regards to the 1000ís of back links and bookmarks and the over 40,000 unique visits per month we receive now. Does anyone else out there think this may be a huge mistake for this company?
    So whats your take on this?
  3. In Topic: database query error

    Posted 21 Jun 2012

    There are 3 querys
    The third query on line 30 is the one throwing the error.
  4. In Topic: cf chart not being displayed

    Posted 11 Jun 2012

    Here is the URL that the image tag is attempting to reference.
    I will do a CFDUMP and let you know what I get.


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