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  1. In Topic: Building an application - POS/Cash Register - Part one

    Posted 28 Feb 2013

    Yeah. I tend to work a little differently, since I have a few work projects, and then a few pet projects. Back in my high school days when I was first learning on VB6, I used to keep code snippits (when they told you to save all your code for reuse, encapsulation and modulation stuff), but since I've lost most of that stuff, I am now rebuilding my "codebase." Basically creating my own controls and modules that I should be able to easily drop into any project and have a jumping off point. For instance, I have one that handles my SQL connections, and while its currently tuned for my job, it wouldn't be too difficult to change the connection details and have it connect to any other SQL database I need. For that, I almost want to get into a position where I'm working with other types of databases so I can optimize that code to work with different RDBs, or build different ones that are structured for different RDBs. I also have a fairly robust Assert module, which allows for debugging and error logging and a Core module, which I usually use as a backbone for small applications.

    I do import the projects for the controls. It makes it easy, since I can technically modify the control from any project its being used in and changes will propagate throughout all my projects. I just have to be careful not to break the control, or make it unusable for one application while trying to enhance it for another.

    I'm not too far into the project, so I might take a shot at building it in a WPF instead, and see if that doesn't work better for me. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. In Topic: Building an application - POS/Cash Register - Part one

    Posted 27 Feb 2013

    I just wanted to say this tutorial is great. I'm using is as template to build a small suite of keypads (telephone, qwerty, register) that I can easily reuse down the line. I've mentioned on this site before that my wife intends to open her own day spa and I would like to help out by providing a custom software suite that she can use to manage her business, and I can see a lot of reusable application for something like this beyond just a simple PoS. She could easily allow for a Kiosk for booking appointments or viewing products and a qwerty control would be useful for allowing the customer to enter more information.

    For design purposes, I'm getting ideas by just emulating everyday objects my 10 key on a keyboard, a cashiers register, my cell phones dial pad and virtual keyboard.

    I did have a few questions:

    1) After you build the initial control and place it in a project, I'm not seeing any good way to scale the control. It seems that however large you build the control is how big the control will be in the actual product. Maybe I'm missing something, but do you know how to get the control to scale? Maybe that's an additional feature that I can program in. it would certainly be nice to not need to make several different sizes.

    2) Is there any difference between building this in C# or VB.net? Personally, I'm much more comfortable in VB.net, since I've been using basic since I started learning how to code and even my current position is mostly satisfied by coding quick applications with VB.net. However, I have taken to building dual projects (on in VB.net and on in C#) so I can keep practiced in my secondary programming languages. I would assume it does not matter, as after I built the project and imported the DLL, the C# version worked in both a C# application and a VB.net application.

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    10 Jul 2012 - 14:30
    Thank you. What once was a mere internet handle over 18 years ago has become my unofficial name.
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    10 Jul 2012 - 14:01
    Hmm.. 'celerian'. I like the sound of it.
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