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  1. In Topic: For Each Loop with a ListBox - Only finding last city

    Posted 2 Dec 2012

    Dim blnValid As Boolean = False
            For Each strCity As String In lstCities.Items
                If strCity = txtCity.Text Then
                    lblResult.Text = "The city was found!"
                    blnValid = True
                    Exit Sub
                    lblResult.Text = "The city was not found"
                End If

    I didn't want to get rid of the else statement because if the user enter a false city or mistyped, they should know to correct their mistake. I did however take your advice (sort of), by introducing a Boolean value to be set to false and exit when it became true. It worked.

    Hmm, don't know how to edit. The Boolean isn't necessary if I exit sub.
  2. In Topic: Paint Job Estimator - Area Not Calculating

    Posted 12 Nov 2012

    blnValidated kept returning as false, so it never ran through the other function.
  3. In Topic: Paint Job Estimator - Area Not Calculating

    Posted 12 Nov 2012

    View PosttlhIn`toq, on 12 November 2012 - 11:17 AM, said:

    What is the point of line 74? Why would stop and change the count of hte rooms to the area of the rooms THEN return it? Pointless. Comment it out.

    Just return dblTotalArea

    Put a breakpoint at line 71 to confirm that dblArea is coming back as expected.
    Then also check line 76 that dblTotalArea is as expected.

    Ah yes, my apologies. It isn't needed, but I was grasping earlier to get a return and didn't the return. I'll try your suggestion.
  4. In Topic: My ul bullets hidding under my float

    Posted 12 Oct 2012

    I appreciate the feedback.

    My primary browsers are Firefox and Chrome when I do some testing, I know IE has a lack up support, but the thing I'm not find of is when you start to re-size the browser you'll notice the bullets hiding under the floated left column, but once the column is cleared you see the remaining unordered list. I just want the bullets to lay next to the column like the text.
  5. In Topic: Problem with Nested Tables

    Posted 8 Oct 2012

    Well that does seem to get me a bit closer, but the nested table does not seem to span all columns.
    Here is a mock up of what I'm trying to achieve: Nested Mockup

    I don't want it flat out done for me, because that doesn't do me any good. I just need to understand how to get my nested table to span ALL columns (or simply look like the mock up).

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    		<title>Vertical Home Page</title>
    		<meta charset="utf-8">
    		<link href="tables.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    			table {
    				height: 150px;
    				width: 150px;
    				border: 1px solid black;
    			td {
    				border: 1px solid #000;
    				width: 350px;
    				border-collapse: inherit;	
    			#newTable td {
    				width: 100%;
    				height: 75px;	
        	<!-- This nested table I just couldn't figure out for the life of me -->
    		<h2>5) &ndash; Nested Table</h2>
            	<table id="newTable">
                        	<table id="nestedTable">
    		<br />

    Apparently there is no edit (or I simply missed it) on here...

    I did try to add the attribute to the <td> tag, but that seemed to make it worse.

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