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  1. In Topic: Decompile

    Posted 8 Jul 2015

    no it is not my program actually and i am trying to change a query that does a select command, its a phone billing system that counts the phones it does select distinct the extensions count so if you just plug a phone it will count it as one this is not fair i test so many phones and it uses all my licenses. now i can workaround and delete some extensions from this table then i will be fine and within the license count but the extension u delete you cant have any info or report on it anymore.
  2. In Topic: Decompile

    Posted 7 Jul 2015

    i was checking but nothing helped me if you have any guide about decompiling how to change some piece of code please anyone give me

    Thank you
  3. In Topic: Decompile

    Posted 7 Jul 2015

    Thank you so much for your help i will look into that
  4. In Topic: Combobox stop exucuation

    Posted 5 Jun 2015

    i tried to put the code on activate but too it gets triggered always when the form shows each time, i am sorry total black out i dont know and i fill the combo on form load too
  5. In Topic: Combobox stop exucuation

    Posted 5 Jun 2015

    Thank you CharlieMay,

    i will try that later when i go back home and i will update you,

    Thank you again.

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