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  1. In Topic: Make a z80 asm file, compile using ZASM

    Posted 18 Apr 2014

    Looks like z80-conv is supposed to do that.


    I did a complete rewrite and added a linker. The documentation is not yet ready, but for normal operation "zasm --help" should do the trick. The converter moved out of zasm itself and is called z80-conv now. A new feature is a small send program (built on libti*). Because of this last things, zasm doesn't need libti* anymore. z80-conv and tisend (the sending utility) are in the z80-tools package.
  2. In Topic: Need psuedocode help re: arrays

    Posted 14 Apr 2014

    This is your hint:

    For index = 0 To SIZE - 1
    Display "Enter the answers for question ", index + 1
    Input answers[index]
    End For

    Here each element of array 'answers' are read one by one.

    Just compare elements of two arrays one by one and count equalities.

    If array1[index] == array2[index] Then
        Increment equalities-counter
    End If
  3. In Topic: Debug Command Promt (Bubble Sort Algorithm)

    Posted 14 Apr 2014

    This should ba in assembly section, but anyway:
    Why do you compare bl with al? You should have started another go (compare al and ah).
  4. In Topic: QuickSort MIPS element swap issue

    Posted 3 Apr 2014

    I'm not fluent enough with MIPS to go through this with the time I have, and I don't have any simulator or anything (and I don't get the labels...), but check here:

        #calculate piv
        sll $t0, $s1, 2
        add $t0, $t0, $s0
        lw  $s4, 0($t0)
        blt $s2, $s3, whileBody #while l < r execute while
        j   endWhile        #otherwise exit while
            sll $t0, $s3, 2 #$t0 = r*4
            add $t0, $t0, $s0   #$t0 = v[r]
            lw  $t1, 0($t0) #get val in v[r]
            bgt $t1, $s4, whileBody2 #if v[r] > pivot execute 2nd while
            j   endWhile2   #else exit 2nd while

    If the 'bgt $t1, $s4, whileBody2' doesn't branch, 'swap' will be called, but note that
    add $t0, $t0, $s0
    lw  $s4, 0($t0)

    add $t0, $t0, $s0   #$t0 = v[r]
    lw  $t1, 0($t0) #get val in v[r]

    So I can't see how $t1 and $s4 can be anything else but equal.

    Also this branch should be taken
    blt $s2, $s3, whileBody #while l < r execute while

    There are still two places that may keep the swap from happening:

            blt $s2, $s3, testAnd   #check that l is still < r

            ble $t2, $s4, whileBody3     #if v[l] <= pivot execute while

    Check those branches with some situation where swap should occur.
    Maybe that also reveals the source of the 'wild pointer' too.
  5. In Topic: MIPS data load loop?

    Posted 25 Mar 2014

    A beginner frienly way might be:
    allocate registers for:
    base address
    current address

    load value and base address

    current address = base address + index
    store data to current address
    increment index
    decrement count
    if count is not zero, jump to loop

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    askyy Icon

    06 Apr 2013 - 19:42
    would you like tom give me some help doing a programm in aseembly MIPS to verify if a number is power of two?
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    cool_moon Icon

    24 Apr 2012 - 03:49
    I didnt undestand ur explanation will u please explain it clearly
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    cool_moon Icon

    23 Apr 2012 - 23:29
    hi..Im new to lpc1768 please help me to understand the GPIO selection. how to select the gpio. i worked in mc8051 but it is entirly different from that. kindly help me
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    jon.kiparsky Icon

    10 Apr 2012 - 23:53
    Well, I've tried to set up a discussion. Let's see what comes of it.
    In answer to your question, I found my way to Finnish because my father is a Finn, and I'm interested in languages. As I say, though, Finnish defeated me pretty soundly.
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