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  1. In Topic: Can Someone Please help me with this

    Posted 18 May 2014

    If you need to use Visual Studio, maybe inline-assembly does?

    You also need to learn the basics of masm then:

  2. In Topic: Assembly Language Question

    Posted 3 May 2014

    ORing with zero or ANDing with 0xFFFF... don't change any bits.
    ORing with 0xFFFF... sets all bits and ANDing with zero clears all bits.
  3. In Topic: Translating the C++ code to MIPS

    Posted 28 Apr 2014

    Oh, you are not the OP. Didn't realize that.

    I'm not very familiar with MIPS, but I have a doubt:

    sll $t0,$s6,2  ; multiply displacement by size of int
    add $t0,$s5,$t0 ; calculate destination address
    lw $s5,0($t0+1) ; load word from source address to replace table address?

    Also I doubt the double constant: 0($t0+1)
    I'm not sure about whether the offset is in words or bytes there, but the offset should go before parenthesis.
  4. In Topic: Translating the C++ code to MIPS

    Posted 27 Apr 2014

    Array of what? Characters? Integers? Objects (pointers)?
    How about:
    addu $v0, $s5, $s6
    lb $v1, 1($v0)
    sb $v1, 0($v0)

    for characters?

    Of cource $s6 needs to be multiplied by the element size is elements bigger than byte are used (and that '1' in 'lb').
  5. In Topic: HowTo Print A String, User Input, and String On The Same Line 68k

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    It's so long time since I last used 68k assembly, but I think the magic is here:
    buffer:     ds.b        80

    Here you reserve storage for 80 bytes. With bad luck the ' are:' may go outside the screen.
    If you put characters '1' and '0' there, the next byte is probably NUL (and so are the 78 bytes before ' are:') and it ends the string (depending on your environment - of course).

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    askyy Icon

    06 Apr 2013 - 19:42
    would you like tom give me some help doing a programm in aseembly MIPS to verify if a number is power of two?
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    cool_moon Icon

    24 Apr 2012 - 03:49
    I didnt undestand ur explanation will u please explain it clearly
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    cool_moon Icon

    23 Apr 2012 - 23:29
    hi..Im new to lpc1768 please help me to understand the GPIO selection. how to select the gpio. i worked in mc8051 but it is entirly different from that. kindly help me
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    jon.kiparsky Icon

    10 Apr 2012 - 23:53
    Well, I've tried to set up a discussion. Let's see what comes of it.
    In answer to your question, I found my way to Finnish because my father is a Finn, and I'm interested in languages. As I say, though, Finnish defeated me pretty soundly.
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