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  1. In Topic: Do certifications mean much when getting job?

    Posted 27 Aug 2013

    Makes sense. I have been thinking about getting the MCSD cert for Web Development from Microsoft because I have access to some test prep material. I will start testing the waters soon, depending on responses from employers, I will decided whether to do it or not. Thanks.
  2. In Topic: Keep track of user over multiple app pages

    Posted 16 Aug 2013

    And this: https://gregorybeame...-net-mvc-oh-my/
    Although it is a small site, it is posibble to have a million users logged in and filing out the forms at the same time. I imagine that comes into play, maybe? Example: I have a session or tempdata variable: Session["UserId"], Oh wait, maybe I am missing the way sessions work. So a million people are filling out the form and there are a million UserId session variables sitting on the web server, is it possible for them to get mixed up?
  3. In Topic: Keep track of user over multiple app pages

    Posted 16 Aug 2013

    Here is one of them: (the accepted answer).
  4. In Topic: Keep track of user over multiple app pages

    Posted 16 Aug 2013

    Apparently it is not good to use session variables when using an MVC app becuase it messes with the performance of the app, or something. My original plan was to use sessiosn variables, but when I started researching 'Using sessions with MVC' most of the results were saying not to do it. Hence my search for a different way. If I dont find a better way, I will likely go back to sessions anyway.
  5. In Topic: Add a word to the last post game

    Posted 14 Aug 2013

    When you think about books, do you cry about going to sleep when trees are falling down in the wind of my ass? I fathom the Jonas Brothers because Yoda came dancing into the whorehouse since pandas created coffee that laughs. Justin Bieber never sang about heterosexual tendencies. However I have thought that images dusted by Hitler have surfaced wherein we found that xmen had thongs That broke into ribbons saturated with platypus urine. Why speculate that Copernicus was feminized when his Friends were applying

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    vasilen Icon

    22 Nov 2014 - 12:05
    Hello , can you share please how to make a survey with questions from a database in mvc
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