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  1. In Topic: JPopupMenu getInvoker()

    Posted 8 May 2012

    That is a great idea... I wonder why I didn't think of that O_o
  2. In Topic: Where do I go now? (Java)

    Posted 3 May 2012

    freeTime == sleep;

    ....Yeahhhhhh, I'm just talking about this summer and stuff, because I'll be done with my java course in about 3 weeks but I enjoy programming. I'll take your advice, thank you.
  3. In Topic: How do you enlarge a picture without pixlating it?

    Posted 2 May 2012

    *type type type* "ENHANCE"!

    Unfortunately, there is only so much information contained inside of a picture. Stretching this and making it bigger leads to pixellation (?sp), if the picture was taken with a higher megapixel camera then you'd be able to make it much bigger than if it was taken with a smaller megapixel camera simply because there's more information contained in the larger megapixel camera's picture.

    More pixels, more information. More information, bigger the picture can be stretched before noticeable pixellation.

    Hope this helped explain some things.
  4. In Topic: Where do I go now? (Java)

    Posted 30 Apr 2012

    Well since I spend a fair amount of time at my computer I've decided to purchase a Mechanical Das Keyboard (been wanting one forever..) and so I don't think I'll slow down... haha.

    What are some good books that you've read? You seem to have an exceptional amount of programming knowledge so I'll assume you've got some good recommendations?

    Where could I find podcasts?

    And I've been searching around Github, a lot of the stuff seems kind of complicated... But I guess that's part of the learning process.
  5. In Topic: Is anyone using kindle/nook books in college?

    Posted 30 Apr 2012

    I think having a kindle/nook is a great way to get books for classes. Firstly, if you have a kindle, you can have the apps on your phone/computers that allow you to read the books anywhere you have a kindle app or device. Perfect. Secondly, since life doesn't have a "ctrl+f" command and e-books do, it makes finding things much easier on a digital device.

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