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  1. In Topic: Need a 2nd pair of eyes... listbox item replacement

    Posted 30 Jul 2012

    Fixed... apparently at some point there were a ton of spaces added to the string of each line. Nothing some trim's didn't fix. Thanks
  2. In Topic: trimming items in a listbox question

    Posted 27 Jul 2012

    Sorry for the delayed response, was out of the office! I knew of the trim function but was looking for a way to incorporate it. I found a place earlier in the code to trim things down before it even hits this point. Thanks!
  3. In Topic: question about selecting items from checked listbox

    Posted 27 Jun 2012


    Apparently the code was fine but the guy that maintained the database was in error with who he was telling me to pull up and check; really appreciate it
  4. In Topic: question about selecting items from checked listbox

    Posted 27 Jun 2012

    Thanks for your patience, let me take another go :

    set up:
    -combobox showing companies
    -listbox of users within selected company from combobox
    -selecting company also populates checked listboxes of the tours that company can access
    -two checked list boxes per year (call A (clb2012lvl2) and B(clb2012lvl1) here) (attached is the 2012 one) displaying identical lists of tours
    -companies have permissions to see certain tours, we'll call them XYZ, so checked list box 1 and 2 are both populated with X, Y, and Z
    -username's have different view levels: 0 and 1 to see detailed or general reports respectively (hence two identical checked listboxes)
    -code takes from SQL based of the username selected the tours, year, and level of that username

    in each of A and B, if for the year in question, and if the tour name is on the checked listbox:
    -if the username has lvl 0: both A and B are checked for that tour
    -if the username has lvl 1: just B is checked for that tour
    -if the username has no permissions for a tour, it is unlisted with his username even if his company does see the tour (i.e. it should appear in A and B but not be checked)

    Currently: lvl 0 is working and will mark the appropriate tours for the user who is qualified for the detailed display
    lvl 1 checkes every item irregardless, does not discriminate to not check tours the user should not see.

    I believe that sums it up, thanks again for taking a look; please let me know if I have more to clarify.
  5. In Topic: question about selecting items from checked listbox

    Posted 27 Jun 2012

    lvl1 is firing for every case when it should be selective

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