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  1. In Topic: Hello Everyone

    Posted 10 Nov 2012

    Hope its not a crime... to 'bump' such an old thread.

    Recently, I've learned a bunch of CSS, and some Javascript, as well as brushed back up on my HTML skills. I learned pretty quickly though, that I can't really rush Javascript, heh. I'm hoping to get a job for a local nonprofit organization soon, helping with front end work.

    Even more recently, I got tipped off about Linux Mint, and my friend inspired me to dive back into the Linux environment. Needless to say, my laptop is now running Linux Mint, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit... though you sure don't have to get far to find yourself in a world of advanced linux concepts. I definitely like having so much more control and flexibility though! =]

    As for back end stuff... I tried out a tiny amount of PHP and Ruby on Rails, but wasn't having much fun, and decided I'll stick to the front end stuff... until/if I have a need and or more desire to go into the server side stuff.

    So yeah... suppose I'll have to nose around to the most interesting/helpful forum sections. ;) Feel free to refer me to areas you think I'd find most interesting/beneficial.
  2. In Topic: Hello Everyone

    Posted 19 Apr 2012

    View PostGorian, on 19 April 2012 - 06:14 PM, said:

    'Ello Caleb, and welcome to Dream in Code! Great to have ya mate! :D

    Great! Your friend sounds like a pretty amazing, handsome, awesome guy, with a great sense of humour :P

    I lead the other languages forums, as well as the Hardware, Software & Support, and Networking and Wireless Forums. Come on over, pester us with questions, and we'd be glad to help you :)

    Hahaha... no comment. :P

    Man, I wish you guys had an edit button. I feel like a noob when I post two comments in a row.

    Just noticed the bottom part of your post, thought it was a signature at first. >.> Alright, I will DRILL you with questions as best I can. >:) *cough* when I have them *cough*

    Edit: Oh, so it automatically puts it into the last comment... sweet. :gunsmilie::D
  3. In Topic: Hello Everyone

    Posted 19 Apr 2012

    Haha, thanks Dimitri. My username started out actually as a fusion of two other names... when I first made a character in Runescape, and its stuck ever since. <3

    That is great to here! I look forward to using some awesome tutorials. (I tried a python tutorial inside the ubuntu OS before... but the tutorial was soooo boring. >.< )

    Pasadena is great man. Been out here about 3 years now. I really like the community of people I live near. I also love having tons of suuunny days, as compared to Oregon's rainy days.

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    Gorian Icon

    19 Apr 2012 - 18:20
    Greetings sir, and welcome to dream in code, and congratulations on becoming and official dic head :D
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