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I've been programming since I was 12, and back then games were all I was concerned about. I was fortunate enough to find a couple of good books for my level of knowledge back then, and one of my friends was several steps ahead of me and always showing me game programming stuff. Still, I mostly wrote a lot of spaghetti code in BASIC and did a lot of text games and a little 2D stuff.

When I decided to go to college I started pursuing a Computer Science Engineering degree. I had a lot of things going on at the time including studying Audio Engineering (recording albums in a studio) at another college on the other side of the city. I ended up dropping out but at least made it through C and Assembly language programming as well as a full year of Pascal where I learned to program correctly (no more spaghetti code and some actual comments, etc.)

Another thing that led me to drop out of college was I got my first programming job. That lead into another job, which led into a job doing network administration and hardware. Eventually, I moved into database administration and eventually made it to the top of that field.

I still do some occasional business programming, but only on small projects.

I've basically been programming my whole life (since I was 12), and still do it as a hobby. I decided about the time that I went into database administration that I did not want to ever be a professional programmer again.

It's kind of like when I worked as a photojournalist in highschool for a small town newspaper. I really liked taking and developing pictures. But what I quickly discovered is that professionals take and especially develop other people's pictures. I really don't want to spend my whole life coding other people's programs or their games. I'm more than happy working on my own private projects when it comes to computer programming.

Anyway, I joined Dream In Code to meet other people who enjoy programming games, maybe make some friends who also love the craft, and to help anyone work through any problems they might be having with their projects whenever I'm able to.

I've been "toying around" with 3D game programming for probably the better part of a decade. I've picked up an unimaginable number of tricks and skills along the way (which amazingly enough is probably not half of what you need to know to put a 3D game together by yourself). But I've dabbled in every aspect of 3D game programming including Music, Sound Effects, Lighting, Painting, Texturing, Modeling, Annimation, Rigging, Programming, Mathematics, Physics, AI (probably my weakest area), etc.

So, I've been in the process of putting together a website ( to help beginning 3D game programmers get started. My goal is to teach new 3D programmers everything they need to know to get started developing their own 3D games by giving them examples. It turns out that it's an unbelievable amount of work. Just getting the website setup and the first tutorial posted took a couple of months. It's been over a year now that I've been working on the website. I've managed to get a few other tutorials put together; many of them are just the source code at this point without the actual tutorial.

Of course, the big change was changing the focus of the website. It was originally called " - Bringing Virtual Worlds to Life" and it was focused very much on teaching 3D game programming using XNA 4.0. However, it became clear, about 6 months after I started the website, that Microsoft had truly abandoned XNA, and I wasn't even aware of MonoGame at the time. I went into a period of "mourning" after realizing that XNA was "dead" for several months and stopped working on the website. After wrestling with the question of what direction to take, I largely came to the conclusion that I would like to get more people into Unix game development, although I don't really use Unix. And I decided that I wanted to do tutorials on OpenGL. So, I explored OpenGL 4.0 a little, but quickly decided that learning DirectX 11 would probably be easier since I'm in Windows and there are slightly more resources for learning DX than for OpenGL. It seems like DirectX would be a good way to learn OpenGL. I've spent the last year or so now getting into DX11.

So, I decided to change the focus of the website and rebrand it in the process. I abandoned the URL "XNA3D101" and changed it to VirtuallyProgramming.Com to reflect the move away from XNA and towards becoming a more general site teaching 3D game programming. I would like to do OpenGL tutorials, but I have to learn OpenGL first. And I plan on learning DX11 as a stepping stone towards that. For now, I'm continuing with the XNA tutorials on the site as long as there are some people interested in them. And I may try and go back and redo them all in DX11. I've changed the masthead and kind of created a new look for the site that I plan to use for any new DX or OpenGL tutorials I do. DX tutorials are at least in the imaginable future. OpenGL tutorials are probably at least a year or two or three away.

Right now, I'm starting a YouTube channel as an extension of the website. I've posted a few prerequisite videos on Linear Algebra and such and I'm close to doing the first DX11 tutorials on the YouTube channel. I've posted source code for these tutorials on the website already.
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My website.
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My general game programming blog. My personal dictionary of game programming terms.

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Dallas, Texas, US of A, Planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy
Rock music composition and performance, Grunge Music, Bebop (think Thelonios Monk), Swing (think Cab Calloway), Gaming, Astronomy, RPGs, Scuba, Sail Boats, Furniture Building, Cooking, Rocky Patel Cigars, Character Driven Dramas(like HBO's Deadwood), Story Telling (plot writing), Linguistics, Economics, Target Shooting, Electronics (don't know as much as I'd like to), all aspects of 3D game programing including music, physics, modeling, texturing, annimation, probability, AI, lighting, etc., Texas Holdem' Poker, Learning, Dogs, the love of my life (my pit bull), guns (especially 19th century black powder), putting make-up on ogres, etc.
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    Generally, yes. :-)
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    10 Aug 2013 - 00:42
    You wouldn't happen to get high marks in written exams would you ;)
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