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  1. In Topic: C program that creates and manipulates an aircraft “database”

    Posted 29 Nov 2015

    This is very much a C question and not a database question. It should probably be moved to the C forum. There is no part of this question that I saw related to databases other than the "somewhat" inaccurate use of the word "database" in it. By "database" they mean data file and linked list. This is only a database in the loosest sense of the word.

    If it were me, I would be a smart-aleck and turn it in using a commercial database. I used to love doing that sort of thing in programming class where they asked for one thing and I turned in something 10 times more complicated than what the assignment asked for.

    LOL Opps. Just noticed I am in the C forum. Thought I was in the database forum for a moment there. That's what I get for flipping back and forth between the two. I think I saw the word database and my mind immediately went into trying to solve a database problem.
  2. In Topic: Searchable database

    Posted 28 Nov 2015

    It sounds to me like a database is overkill. I'm a database guy and a C++ guy, not a web guy so much. But if you just need basically a list with 3 columns, a database is way overkill for that. Granted, I'm not sure exactly how you're going to store that without the database off the top of my head.

    Many years ago I wrote a website for a friend (actually hand coded it with Notepad in HTML until it got to be too many pages to manage) and I wrote a Java app that would read a text file on the server.

    A database may be the easiest route if you've already got one on the server. It certainly provides a standardized way of storing data. But normally I would consider it overkill for one list of data.
  3. In Topic: What kind of programmers needed to make a game?

    Posted 28 Nov 2015

    Oh. And you might try out Unity. There you can really get your feet wet one the world of video game production. You might even use Unity for the actual project you describe.

    It has a rather steep learning curve at first. A lot of that is probably because it throws everything at you at once and you're in deep water the minute you get in. Just bit off little pieces and chew slowly.
  4. In Topic: What kind of programmers needed to make a game?

    Posted 28 Nov 2015

    Your question is part of the reason I posted this. There's a AAA game (albeit not an online game but one of roughly the same scale as WoW without the ongoing content updates) and a description of the team size and such.

    As modi123_1 points out, a person can only do so much in a day. Either you get more people involved, or you get less work done. You can kind of do the math with Fallout 4. But you don't necessarily have to do something that huge. 3D games can be almost as simple as 2D games. There's no reason you can't make 3D Tic-Tac-Toe for example and then it's only slightly more difficult than making 2D Tic-Tac-Toe unless making it 3D somehow changes the game mechanics.

    One of the biggest problem with game design, especially 3D game design, is the enormous number of completely different skills involved, many of which can take a lifetime to master each. But you can work at the level you're at and bring people in who have skills you do not have if you can talk them into it.


    Design: I guess you mean a director for the artist/design of the game? I guess that would be me

    Only if you're last name is Trump and you've got piles of money to burn. Pay me $200,000 a year and I'm yours. ;-) (That's upfront cash by the way for a single person annually.)

    In a small project, you probably need to be doing all the jobs yourself unless you have friends who want to do the project just as bad as you do who are willing to blow their time on it for free.

    The person in charge really should be the person who knows how to do everyone's job and can fill in as needed. Everyone has ideas for a game. But short of being born a billionaire, you're going to find it difficult to get serious people to work on your project if you haven't already done a good portion of the work yourself all the way around. Plus, once you've done it all yourself, you know what needs to be done and can tell if someone is qualified to do it or not.

    If you're serious about it, you should probably start learning to do it all yourself. I wouldn't get too deep into music composition. Unless you're already there, you're probably going to have to find someone who is. And music talent is probably one of the easiest things to find. But for example: 3D modeling to create the 3D models, it's immensely helpful if you can at least make crude 3D models that stand in until a serious modeler with that talent can come in and produce better art work. Being a solid programmer is probably the main thing.
  5. In Topic: Help with Skylanders style game

    Posted 26 Nov 2015

    I don't know how RFID works. However, I was heavily involved in barcoding quite some time back. Most bar codes contain a LOT less info than most people likely imagine. Usually it's just one number although some of the more sophisticated bar codes might contain a little more data than that. (There are a lot of different flavors of barcode.)

    But usually the number is meaningless by itself but identified something specific like a Social Security number or product ID.

    Combine it with a database though, that one number can identify something with a mountain of data attached to it in the database.

    My only vague understanding of RFID is that you bounce radio waves off the tag and that causes it to transmit. So, my understanding is that it's basically a passive transmitter that needs no external power source.

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