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  1. In Topic: How to deploy application with access database in VS2010?

    Posted 13 Jan 2014

    Your problem doesn't have anything to do with MS Access installed or not at the machine that generates the error in the picture, as The error says [".........accdb" not a valid path. Make .... etc] which I'm 100% sure that it means that the file Myaccdb.accdb is not present in the target machine whether this machine has MS Access installed or not.
    The cause of such error can be many reasons, I.e :
    - You did not include the file.accdb in your setup package
    - You used explicit path definition [C:\.....\file.accdb] which refers to your own local files, instead of using variables application.startuppath "\folder\in-package\file.accdb"

    quick Solution :
    From target machine, create this folder(c:\DataFile\) and place (Myaccdb.accdb) file in it.

    Next time you deploy application relies on Database :
    Deploy your application and include the accdb file at the same place where it's placed in source code. Use Data Source = application.startuppath & "\Myaccdb.accdb" instead of what you use. Note (application.startuppath means [application folder\bin\debug\])

    The more complex your application will be the more readings you will attempt.
  2. In Topic: How to receive email's

    Posted 18 Aug 2012

    You can try this one to receive E-mails :
  3. In Topic: Receive e-mails

    Posted 11 Aug 2012


    The fact that you have a 10+ year dead operating system really shouldn't affect anything as email protocols are older than that.
    Home Edition just barely falls within the requirements for .NET 4

    I'm sorry if i can not afford it, it is just the way it is always !


    You're trying to develop from scratch something that is well documented with a dozen tutorials

    I'm sorry but ain't it correct that the .Net framework itself doesn't have POP3 server class for e-mails until now ?!!
    But i will just look at the proposed tutorials you supported and come back to you......
    thanks again for your time ...
  4. In Topic: Receive e-mails

    Posted 10 Aug 2012

    First : thanks for your time, and i would like to apologize about the
    i was in a hurry so i copied and pasted too quickly to realize that i copied another event with the code i wish to ask about, my bad.So the event is under a button already, thank you very much.
    I know how to debug and use breakpoints, doing this under my code gives absolutely nothing, and as you mentioned that i need to send my username and password to the POP3 server, well i thought i might get an answer from the server, then the server would ask about the username or even return [-err] ....
    this code is just a part of an application i'm trying to finish, and as long as i did not land anywhere i thought there is something wrong with the logic.
    Using Telnet (Telnet pop3.live.com 995) for example doesn't require Username [User] or password [Pass] at first, you just send the server and the port then the server replies asking you to provide the username then the password, i'm sure you already know that 'I hope'.
    My code did not return an error [-Err] in the debug window, it returned nothing......
    does this have anything to do with the fact that i'm running WinXp Home Edition Sp3 ?!!
    but i tried outlook and it worked fine ... so i'm wondering what is wrong !!!
    Again thanks for your time, and here is the correct code 'Under the Button' and as i told you i just need to receive an [-ERR] error from the server for now....
    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.Net.Sockets
    Imports System.Text
    Imports System.Net.Security
    Class Form1
        Dim Network_Stream As NetworkStream
        Dim Read_Stream As StreamReader
        Private Sub CmdDownload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CmdDownload.Click
            Dim POP3 As New TcpClient
            Dim PopHost As String = "pop.gmail.com"
            Dim UserName As String = "MyUserName@gmail.com"
            Dim Password As String = "MyPassWord" 'I use 2-step verification so i already have the APP. password fot it
            Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor
            POP3.Connect(PopHost, 995)
            Network_Stream = POP3.GetStream()
            Read_Stream = New StreamReader(Network_Stream)
            Dim Return_String As String
            Return_String = Read_Stream.ReadLine + vbCrLf
            Cursor = Cursors.Default
        End Sub
    End Class

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