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  1. In Topic: Need helping planning an effective learning system and realistic goals

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    I'm two minds about this.

    Part of me says that:
    4. [know why 64 bit vs 32 bit by now] - A goal or milestone, VERY important in what I'm looking for. Prerequisite learning, goals.
    Will be answered for you right after:
    1. Introductory computer science

    As long as the the intro covers bits, bytes, registers, memory, and basic binary math operations.

    The other part of me, though, says that you actually won't get an initial feel for the significance until after:
    7. Variables, Expressions etc.
    and really get the full significance until after you actually start dealing for topics about pointers, operating systems, and memory segments.

    One could talk about integer overflow while covering binary addition, but as humans we have only 10 fingers, but we've been adding up numbers much higher than 10. One could talk about talk about memory addressing, but the Apple II and C-64 had 8 bits, but could access 64K, and the old IBM PC was 16 bits, but it had the capability of accessing 640K of memory (albeit not all of it at the same time).

    On another tangent, until you've written some code that really pushes the integer or pointer limits, one doesn't really have much experience to talk about the difference that 32 vs 64 bits will make. It's like having somebody whose only been to the driver's ed lectures trying to talk about the difference between a V-4 and V-8 engine. Until that person has tried to merge unto a freeway with a semi barreling down the lane you are trying to get into, the difference between V-4 and V-8 will just be abstract in terms of acceleration.
  2. In Topic: C# help with registry opensubkey

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    The documentation has sample code.
  3. In Topic: Display unique date and its related price found in txt file

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    He needs to parse it because of the requirements:

    View PostMathiasx, on 23 April 2015 - 08:34 PM, said:

    ... compute the daily sales of the month(Check by system date month) and display the sales of the day and the grand total of that month.

    So he needs to figure out what month it is today, and then find all the sales for the matching month.
  4. In Topic: Display unique date and its related price found in txt file

    Posted 23 Apr 2015

    And even worse, the the day and year is never used except to build up sdate, but sdate is never used anywhere. Why do all that work for nothing?

    Anyway since it looks like you are free to use the C++ standard template library as you please, my recommendation is to use std::map. Use the dates as keys into the map, and the let the map values be the sum of the sales for the date. Once you've processed all the dates, iterate over the pairs in the map and put them into a std::list or std::vector if they match the current month. Lastly sort the list or vector then start printing out the pairs. Be sure to add up the sum of the values as you go along printing.
  5. In Topic: Git with C# Development

    Posted 22 Apr 2015

    IMHO, when learning source control, its best to start off with something more user friendly like Perforce, Mercurial, or Subversion. Just learn just enough to check out code, check in code, see version histories, and check out a specific version of code. If you work with a team, also learn how to handle merge conflicts. Most of these topics are covered within the first 2 or 3 chapters of the user manuals of the systems I noted above. These will teach the core concepts that you'll need when you need to learn branching within the same system, as well as quickly learn most other source control system. Also once you know these concepts and are comfortable with them, then move on to learning Git.

    I tend to agree with the opinion that Mercurial is James Bond while Git is MacGyver. There is more polish to Mercurial, but if need something that is infinitely flexible (and are willing to learn to do things yourself), Git is very hard to beat.

    Do give your teach kudos for teaching you how to use a version control system. If you get in the habit of regularly using it, you will actually be more productive because you'll never be afraid to try new things because you can always go back to an older working version if your experiments don't work out. Also as mentioned above, you'll also be able to recover from most system failures (assuming your are diligent about pushing or backup up to an external repository).

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  1. Photo

    jaee Icon

    13 Feb 2015 - 16:23
    I am zaee I need help for coding in c . I need to block all icmp packets in freebsd using divert sockets.
    Can you please help me with this?
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    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    08 Mar 2014 - 09:03
    Congrats on the 3k rep ! also, before your rep changes nice palindrome rep, 3003.
  3. Photo

    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    27 Nov 2013 - 18:56
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks on the advices you gave in my post (read wav files C/C++) the other day.
    Thanks again Skydiver
  4. Photo

    sanwall Icon

    27 Nov 2013 - 00:54
    kindly answer my post about visual studio!
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    raspinudo Icon

    03 Jul 2013 - 05:51
    Nice Star Trek t.n.g. Reference
  6. Photo

    todddowers Icon

    26 Jun 2013 - 23:07
    hello i was wondering do you know anything about text based games.
  7. Photo

    CY5 Icon

    10 Jun 2013 - 07:07
    Thanks SkyDiver you're always there to help on C# forum
  8. Photo

    Jovel Mark Icon

    05 Mar 2013 - 23:51
    salamat sa pagtulong .. keep it up the work..
    kung wala kamo wala kami mahimo sang amon nga project ba,, madamo gd nga salamat sa pagtabang..
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    tlhIn`toq Icon

    30 Dec 2012 - 16:20
    Congrats on the Mentor badge. I think that is new record. Glad to have you on board.
  10. Photo

    lp94 Icon

    07 Oct 2012 - 06:09
    thank you soooooo much <3
  11. Photo

    kai_itz me Icon

    25 Sep 2012 - 04:40
    i agreed with MrShoes.
    More knowledgeable than many; more patient than most.
    very well said :)
  12. Photo

    tlhIn`toq Icon

    01 Sep 2012 - 15:22
    I just saw the Expert badge... Well done!
  13. Photo

    nazzie Icon

    22 Aug 2012 - 00:34
    Thanks for your Help! Keep up the good work.. thanks so much! ^_^
  14. Photo

    vikuseth Icon

    17 Aug 2012 - 23:12
    thanks for helping me in Dll issue .
    you are the best. ..
    good luck...
  15. Photo

    MrShoes Icon

    08 Aug 2012 - 00:49
    More knowledgeable than many; more patient than most.
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