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  1. In Topic: Option selection box to change what appears in main window screen

    Posted 30 Sep 2014

    That's because with the second chunk of code, mainWindow is a local variable that is scoped only for that method. The first chunk of code has mainWindow that is scoped for the class.
  2. In Topic: Saving and using random number

    Posted 29 Sep 2014

    So each time you get a number, store it as a application setting. Each time you need to new number call your random number generator and then compare with the the application setting. If the same, call the random number generator again. If not the same, store the new number.

    I still fail to see how you can call that "random" if you know that the next number can never be the same as the previous number. As in my previous example. If you flip a coin and get a head, then you know that the next one will not be a tail. So if that means that if the last Superbowl coin flip was tails, then that means for this coming Superbowl the coin flip will be heads. Guess what the visiting team will be calling when February rolls around. :)
  3. In Topic: Assignment: Trouble with array and adding

    Posted 29 Sep 2014

    C# is not like C++ where you do:
    Virgin virgins = new Virgin[76];

    and you get 76 Virgins that you can do anything with.

    In C#, you have to allocate each of the items in the array as well (if the items are not value types). So in C# you have to do:
    Virgin virgins = new Virgin[76];
    for(int i = 0; i < virgins.Length; i++)
        virgins[i] = new Virgin();

    before you get to play with the 76 Virgins.
  4. In Topic: Renaming to make code shorter?

    Posted 28 Sep 2014

    Note that the .NET naming convention highly recommends that abbreviations not be used.
  5. In Topic: Listbox file populate filtered with regex

    Posted 28 Sep 2014

    That means that you set up your regular expression incorrectly and/oryou are looking at the matches incorrectly.

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  1. Photo

    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    08 Mar 2014 - 09:03
    Congrats on the 3k rep ! also, before your rep changes nice palindrome rep, 3003.
  2. Photo

    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    27 Nov 2013 - 18:56
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks on the advices you gave in my post (read wav files C/C++) the other day.
    Thanks again Skydiver
  3. Photo

    sanwall Icon

    27 Nov 2013 - 00:54
    kindly answer my post about visual studio!
  4. Photo

    raspinudo Icon

    03 Jul 2013 - 05:51
    Nice Star Trek t.n.g. Reference
  5. Photo

    todddowers Icon

    26 Jun 2013 - 23:07
    hello i was wondering do you know anything about text based games.
  6. Photo

    CY5 Icon

    10 Jun 2013 - 07:07
    Thanks SkyDiver you're always there to help on C# forum
  7. Photo

    Jovel Mark Icon

    05 Mar 2013 - 23:51
    salamat sa pagtulong .. keep it up the work..
    kung wala kamo wala kami mahimo sang amon nga project ba,, madamo gd nga salamat sa pagtabang..
  8. Photo

    tlhIn`toq Icon

    30 Dec 2012 - 16:20
    Congrats on the Mentor badge. I think that is new record. Glad to have you on board.
  9. Photo

    lp94 Icon

    07 Oct 2012 - 06:09
    thank you soooooo much <3
  10. Photo

    kai_itz me Icon

    25 Sep 2012 - 04:40
    i agreed with MrShoes.
    More knowledgeable than many; more patient than most.
    very well said :)
  11. Photo

    tlhIn`toq Icon

    01 Sep 2012 - 15:22
    I just saw the Expert badge... Well done!
  12. Photo

    nazzie Icon

    22 Aug 2012 - 00:34
    Thanks for your Help! Keep up the good work.. thanks so much! ^_^
  13. Photo

    vikuseth Icon

    17 Aug 2012 - 23:12
    thanks for helping me in Dll issue .
    you are the best. ..
    good luck...
  14. Photo

    MrShoes Icon

    08 Aug 2012 - 00:49
    More knowledgeable than many; more patient than most.
  15. Photo

    BarackObama Icon

    31 Jul 2012 - 00:59
    This guy is the best! Love him
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