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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 29 May 2015

    Re-writing a kick for auto invoicing for the 3rd time now. This will be the last time. It was becoming way to complicated to manage, so I'm refactoring it to 6 kicks that have a total of 41 outcomes. The way I'm doing that is an order goes into a process called "NoFreightOnFOB" this process is a kick itself that will call the remaining six kicks. Each of those kicks will return a true or false whether or not the order passes them respectively. This value will beconverted to an interger then appended to a running string of 1's and 0's. Once through all of those kicks it will compare the string to an id in a database that will correspond to a kick reason and notify the correct people in the correct way.

    For instance a result of "111010" will return a result that says the following
    LogCode = 18, CSRKickType = Information, CSREmailDescription = "Shipping Notified of Missing Shipping Costs", ShippingKickType = NotifyShipping, ShippingEmailDescription = "No Packages on Order"
  2. In Topic: Properties Question

    Posted 28 May 2015

    Short answer: With the latest version of .NET, yes you can implement auto-properties.

    Shorter Answer: Try it, then if it works it saves you time in submitting a post.
  3. In Topic: Drawing a graphic on a C# form

    Posted 28 May 2015

    If you google for the windows form paint event handler, there are plenty of links that explain how to call it.
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 28 May 2015

    I just learned how to set a service to start automatically using the ManagementObject to invoke the ChangeStartMode method.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 28 May 2015

    Fixed an index out of range exception because apparently when I use the dll we've been provided's method to get a list of orderqtytables, instead of returning null (like the documentation says it does) it returns an empty list that isn't null...

    Now onto automating all the things.

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    macosxnerd101 Icon

    20 May 2015 - 13:27
    Spam, spam, spam.
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    ybadragon Icon

    05 Dec 2014 - 07:33
    Not here, but you can create a new post in the VB6 forum, and post the code that you have so far.
  3. Photo

    boni86 Icon

    05 Dec 2014 - 03:45
    hello Sir. i am beginner in vb6.0. i was told to increase or decrease the size of an image automatically after a certain time interval, using vb6.0.. i was told to use an image and a timer. but i cant understand what code should i put behind the form. can you please help me in this matter
    thank you
  4. Photo

    ybadragon Icon

    11 Dec 2013 - 07:13
    lol thanks :)
  5. Photo

    orangebanana Icon

    11 Dec 2013 - 07:09
    your daughter is so cute. :D
  6. Photo

    cooljunk Icon

    14 Nov 2013 - 20:06
    I could use your help with VB tryparse within an array.
  7. Photo

    ybadragon Icon

    17 Sep 2013 - 09:03
    Ok, post a topic with the question
  8. Photo

    Veens Icon

    17 Sep 2013 - 09:00
    I need one help from u
  9. Photo

    ybadragon Icon

    16 Sep 2013 - 05:57
    Yes :)
    She is 2 years old now, that was taken when she was 1.
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    Michael26 Icon

    14 Sep 2013 - 01:40
    Is that your kid in the picture?
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