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  1. In Topic: Diablo 3

    Posted 8 Jun 2012

    Well item standards necessarily vary from player to player. To me, an upgrade would have been an item that added more than 120 Intelligence and 100 Vitality, or something with least 15% IAS that doesn't remove resist, hp, or dmg, or a weapon with greater than 1400 DPS. Failing that, I probably would have just sold it for more gold. I did get exactly the items I wanted, it just required millions of gold. A 5 NV stack and gold find +120% will help a lot.
  2. In Topic: Diablo 3

    Posted 8 Jun 2012

    I'm not talking about Normal-Hell difficulty. I'm talking about Inferno since Normal-Hell is not hard and can be done in about 1 week (at least with a Wizard/DH they can :smile2: ) by buying cheap items with the gold that is naturally acquired.

    In Inferno, I can only get killed so many times before I realize that my equipment sucks and its time to upgrade but good luck finding anything useful. There are 2 choices really: farm for items or farm for gold. Farming for items is a waste of time because unlike Diablo 2, Diablo 3 fails to reward appropriately so most people just farm for gold since it's easier and you can track the progress. The items that do drop are usually never an upgrade and they are more useful to others stuck in Hell/NM. So I get gold for them and slowly save up for an upgrade.

    Most of the useful stuff I found from drops was in Inferno Acts 3-4. Makes little sense since I needed good equipment before I could even play Inferno Acts 3-4. By that time, I don't really need it as I did for Acts 1 and 2. It's really a brilliant marketing scheme: force players to acquire equipment from the following Act in order to finish the current Act. Without the ability to create custom games like in Diablo 2, trading with others is quite difficult and this only encourages players to use the auction house. The alternative is to stay in the same Act for eternity.
  3. In Topic: Diablo 3

    Posted 7 Jun 2012

    Oh, I completely agree that the Barbarian has it harder. In Acts 3-4 Inferno, it's mostly Demon Hunters and Wizards that I saw in public games. I'm bored not because it is easy (I die all the time), but because the challenge is artificial and is more or less an item check than a legitimate skill check. I beat the game because I wore gold finding gear and spent countless hours farming enough gold to buy some godly items from the auction house. Of course, anyone could just as well buy gold from third party sellers and achieve the same in less time. As it is, the game to me is flawed and that is why I quit playing.
  4. In Topic: Diablo 3

    Posted 7 Jun 2012

    Well, my Diablo 3 days are over. I made my 60th level Wizard and finished Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno using a regular blue 1400 DPS mace that I bought for about 2.2 million. Pretty much bored with the game and don't feel like running another class. I uninstalled it 3 days ago and I'm glad that it's not going to suck me in for the next 5 years like Diablo 2. Good riddance.
  5. In Topic: Academic CS?

    Posted 12 May 2012

    Having taken some graduate level CS classes, I tend to agree with this. I especially hate it when MIT's OCW videos are superior to the stuff that the professor teaches. It's basically a waste of money and time to go to class at that point. Besides Discrete Math, most math classes are irrelevant unless you go into some kind of specialty area like graphics or scientific computing. I have a math background myself and I have yet to see anything that would require math beyond linear algebra.

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