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  1. In Topic: how to highlight/select text in a wpf textbox without focus?

    Posted 23 Aug 2012

    You probably didnt read the question well. It clearly says: how to highlight/select text in a wpf textbox WITHOUT FOCUS. All these properties are very common, and can only be seen by the naked eye in action IF AND ONLY IF the textbox has FOCUS. MY textbox NEVER has focus. I enter the text manually. And consequently I want to highlight a portion of the text in the textbox when my never never got focus and will neevr have focus. I have probably repeated the question for you even more clearly!
  2. In Topic: get Point from CharacterIndex ?

    Posted 15 Aug 2012

    Thanks a lot! It worked!
  3. In Topic: Displaying the blinking caret in a WPF textbox without focus

    Posted 13 Aug 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 13 August 2012 - 12:41 AM, said:

    Doesn't raw input on Windows require a window handle to receive messages? Are creating hidden windows in your WPF app?
    >>Yes it requires handles, Im not creating hidden windows.
    I guess I can't visualize your application and its usage. If each input is directed to its respective destination, there is no need for a caret because the input will always be an append anyway. The caret is only truly useful if you can change the insertion point. Remember the good old fashioned teletype or typewriter where there isn't a caret. You just eyeballed where the next character was going to be based on relative positions.
    >>In my case, Im also determining and setting the caret position manually. I can go left, right, home, end, etc..

    Is each input device controlled by a human?
    And is each of the humans looking at the same physical display?<yes, but they can only interact with their own space>
    If no, all they can see is their input textbox, then what does it matter if you have carets or not on your "master" display. They only need a caret for their own display. If yes, is each human stuck in their own textbox, or can they switch focus to another textbox? <No they cant switch focus to another textbox> If they can switch, then yes, you'll definitely need a caret and someway or the users to determine which one is theirs. If they are stuck in their own textbox why not just support typing or backspace, so that again you are only in append mode.
  4. In Topic: Displaying the blinking caret in a WPF textbox without focus

    Posted 13 Aug 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 12 August 2012 - 11:45 PM, said:

    The blinking caret is part of the Windows user experience that indicates the focus is in the at particular text box.

    Can you explain: "it is in a multiuser application with lots of textboxes simultaneously getting input from users and the main application window is set to have focus all the time."

    How are you getting simultaneous input from multiple users on a single machine? Every user has a wireless keyboard and everybody is sitting front of a huge screen? As far as I know, Windows will still only take keyboard input and direct it to the Window with focus. How are determining which keyboard sent which keydown event?

    I'm getting the keyboard input and then sending the key messages through paths to their respective destinations. Im not focusing the textboxes. Im determining which keyboard sent the input by handling RawInput from Input devices.

    Thanks for the link though, I kept that as my last option.

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