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  1. In Topic: Hello Dream.In.Code

    Posted 22 May 2012

    Welcome to DIC smoothedatol412, I hope you have a great time here. I am new here as well and I already like it. If you have any questions please ask me and I will help you as much as I can. B)
  2. In Topic: Greetings DIC community

    Posted 20 May 2012

    Thank you Aphex19, for your high quality answer. I will surely have this in mind when deciding which language to learn first.
  3. In Topic: Greetings DIC community

    Posted 19 May 2012

    Thanks for your explanatory post and helpful advice, Martyr2. Since the time of my little cerebral awakening, I started thinking more in depth about stuff. I have come to the conclusion that if I want to learn something very well, I should start from the beginning, the core of the subject, and not from the outer layers like I used to do.

    So since I plan to earn my bread by working with computers I first need to learn everything that I can about the hardware part before starting on the software. Let us say that I have that covered and that I have the material to pass that stage.

    Entering the software part, my goal will be to create powerful, fast, least resource consuming software with the least possible dependency to the targeted system. I was searching the webs for a long time and found that ASM/C++/C would be the best for that job. So I started analyzing them, one by one. I think that ASM will be too hard for me to start learning serious programming. I am left with C++ and C to choose so I asked some advice from more experienced programmers and I got the following two answer groups:

    1) Learn C because it is the core of C++, when you learn it, it will be just an upgrade to learn the things that C++ has and C does not and also for other languages that C has influenced.

    2) Learn C++, C is old and you do not need it. If your goal is to learn C++, than learn it right away, do not waste time with C.

    This is the point of my confusion. I really do not want to waste my time experimenting so long so that is why I am asking for advice on this. You mentioned going to the bookstore and all of that, but here most of the books in my language are translated English books that leave out most of the important stuff for learning the language and understanding it 110%. Since I do not know a bookstore which has English books on that matter, I was forced to search for eBooks. I was told that they are partly fraudulent themselves, so I got a bit discouraged. Many people told me that C/C++ is hard to grasp. I just need some good learning material which explains everything I need to know to learn and understand the language on a level like its' creator.

    If you could refer me to such books, I would be very grateful. They do not have to be free eBooks that can be found on the Internet, I am willing to buy real big books if needed. When I will have mastered the low level programming area(in my opinion, the core of the software), I will move to languages that are off a higher level(in my opinion, the extensions and additions to the core) which would give me knowledge in more aspects of programming and potential job offers.

    I really despise writing huge walls of text so I will stop now and I will wait for yours and other members' reply on what I have written so far so I can continue to clear out my confusion.

    Best regards,

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