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  1. In Topic: Xcode FLTK

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    Got it! Apparently when I copied all the headers I missed one that had a lock symbol on the bottom left corner. I guess the lock means it has to be copied individually; it can't be copied with the group so I had missed it? Does anyone know what this lock means? I'm surprised I did not get an error that says, "GUI.h missing".
  2. In Topic: Xcode FLTK

    Posted 1 Oct 2012

    I will try a simpler test program. Piecemeal growth is the way to steady progress.
  3. In Topic: Xcode FLTK

    Posted 30 Sep 2012

    String is written in #include "../../std_lib_facilities.h"

    That header file was written by Stroustrup (the Creator of C++). Similarly, the other headers and cpp files are written by Stroustrup and I have tested them in another project. I am almost certain the problem is a linking problem. Perhaps this project is reading the source files in a different order than my first project so that the String class is being used before it has been declared or defined. How can I change the order in which the files are ?preprocessed? (not sure if that is the proper term)?
  4. In Topic: Xcode FLTK

    Posted 30 Sep 2012

    Here is the code that I wrote. I don't see the point in posting 12 seperate source files when i doubt anyone will parse them all. String is supposed to begin with a capital because Stroustrup wrote a class called String which checks strings for error whenever a string is invoked.

     *  Taylor15_5.cpp
     *  TaylorGraph
     *  Created by nathaniel on 9/19/12.
     *  Copyright 2012 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
     *	From Stroustrup's Programming: Principles and Practice
     *	Sectionn 15.5 Approximation, book example
     *	The Taylor approximation gets worse with terms beyond a_13
     *	due to numerical roundoff error.
    #include "Taylor15_5.h"
    #include "../../std_lib_facilities.h"
    #include "Simple_window.h"
    #include "Graph.h"
    #include "arc.h"
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace Graph_lib;
    int fac(int n)	//factorial(n); n!
    int r=1;
    while (n>1){
    return r;
    double term(double x, int n){ return pow(x,n)/fac(n); }	//nth term of series
    double expe(double x, int n)	//sum of n terms for x
    double sum = 0;
    	for (int i=0; i<n; ++i) sum+=term(x,i);
    return sum;
    int expN_number_of_terms=10;
    double expN(double x)
    return expe(x,expN_number_of_terms);
    int main(){
    	//Global constants
    	const int xmax=600;
    	const int ymax=400;
    	const int x_orig=xmax/2;	//position of (0,0) is center of window
    	const int y_orig=ymax/2;
    	const Point orig(x_orig,y_orig);
    	const int r_min=-10;		//range [-10:11)
    	const int r_max=11;
    	const int n_points = 400;	//number of points used in range
    	const int x_scale = 30;		//scaling factors
    	const int y_scale = 30;
    	Simple_window win(Point(100,100),xmax,ymax,"Function graphing");
    	for (int n = 0; n<50; ++n) {
    		ostringstream ss;
    		ss<<"exp approximation; n=="<< n;
    		expN_number_of_terms = n;
    		//get next approximation:
    		Function e(expN,r_min,r_max,orig,200,x_scale,y_scale);

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