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  1. In Topic: Event Calendar - storing and accessing events

    Posted 26 Jun 2012

    Thanks I'll look at it all in a bit I've been streaming over so many xml tutorials and none of them seemed to help me and most just confused me more. Hopefully this can get me somewhere.
  2. In Topic: A card game in C#

    Posted 25 Jun 2012

    View PostAOM_Set, on 21 January 2011 - 01:40 PM, said:


    I am looking for a nice tutorial that will teach me where to start if I want to implement a card game like the one that is on every windows (don't know what it is called in English) where you must not get hearts or spare queen. Spare queen gives 13 points while each heart gives 1 point, and the firs who gets 100 points have lost.

    So would you implement this as a windows form application? Once I have started, I think I know what's important, like arrays to hold cards etc. It's just that I have no clue how to get the cards in the game.

    As much information as you can give is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    The game you are looking at creating is hearts

    I'm still new to c# so I might not be much help but I would use a winform application and pictureboxes for the cards (you will have to make or find images for each card)

    Having a array or list for the card locations (coordinates for where cards can go and where each card for example the 3 of clubs is)

    After that try to get some logic into the game such as the initial random distribution of the cards and if the player can view the cards so if the cards image is club_3_faceup or club_3_facedown for example

    Then comes the initial pass logic (I'm not sure how the computer chooses the cards it passes you'll have to search for that or just have the computer pick random cards sorry) and have the player pick the cards to pass rounds go right, then across, then left and back to right so on.

    Then you have to apply the logic for the main part of the game (which card the user and computers put into the middle and who gets the cards)

    Finally tally the score and then who is under 100 for the longest wins or has the least amount of points when a player hits 100 points.

    Now add any extra features that you want like maybe change the computer players names or the playing areas background.

    If you have any questions I'll help as much as I can but remember I'm new to c# too and I won't always know the answers or the best way to do something.

    As far as the go google comments that doesn't help anyone for example I'm looking up how to use an xml as a data store I've been looking for hours and I can't find a single post that really helps me completely so I posted asking for help and went back to searching I'm hoping I'll eventually find a post that helps or someone replies pointing me in the right direction so please don't post it and move on if you aren't going to be any help it's extremely rude and unhelpful.
  3. In Topic: Event Calendar - storing and accessing events

    Posted 25 Jun 2012

    Also I haven't done anything with xml's before how would I go about saving and loading from them
  4. In Topic: Event Calendar - storing and accessing events

    Posted 25 Jun 2012

    View PostMrShoes, on 25 June 2012 - 01:59 AM, said:

    I would suggest you create a CalendarEntry class and serialise a List<CalenderObject> to a local XML file. That way you can deal with each entry as an object.

    Okay so I've never done anything like this but I kinda understand I made some outline code is this what I should be doing.
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    namespace Live_Ad
        class CalenderData
            int _eventID;
            string _date;
            string _time;
            string _title;
            string _description;
            private void addEvent(string title, string date, string time, string description)
                //Code to add an event
            private void editEvent( int eventID, string title, string date, string time, string description)
            private void deleteEvent(int eventID)
            private void saveData()
            private void loadData()
            public string Date
            public string Title
            public string Time
            public string Description
  5. In Topic: Recoloring menustrips

    Posted 30 May 2012

    I'm still kind of new to c# how different are WPF's from winforms?

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