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  1. In Topic: retrieve values from tables having one to many relationship

    Posted 13 Dec 2012

    I think I should post the entire code for search button because the else part does not seem to work too.
     Private Sub SearchButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SearchButton.Click
            Dim sqlcon As New SqlConnection(My.Settings.Hardware_DatabaseConnectionString)
            Dim datestr As String
            Dim sqlcmdsearch As New SqlCommand("SELECT Prd_type from Product_Table where Prd_Sr_Key_No='" & SrKeyNoTextBox.Text & "'", sqlcon)
            Dim sdrsearch As SqlDataReader
            Dim sqlcmdsearchcust As New SqlCommand("SELECT Product_Table.*,Customer_Table.* from Product_Table inner join (Customer_Table inner join Prd_Cust_Table on Customer_Table.C_Code=Prd_Cust_Table.C_Code) on Product_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No = Prd_Cust_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No where Product_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No='" & SrKeyNoTextBox.Text & "'", sqlcon)
            Dim sdrsearchcust As SqlDataReader
            Dim sqlcmdsearchvend As New SqlCommand("SELECT Product_Table.*,Vendor_Table.* from Product_Table inner join (Vendor_Table inner join Prd_Vend_Table on Vendor_Table.V_Code=Prd_Vend_Table.V_Code) on Product_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No=Prd_Vend_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No where Product_table.Prd_Sr_Key_No='" & SrKeyNoTextBox.Text & "'", sqlcon)
            Dim sdrsearchvend As SqlDataReader
            Dim sqlcmdri As New SqlCommand("SELECT * from Product_Table inner join Service_Centre_Table on Product_Table.S_Code=Service_Centre_Table.S_Code where Product_Table.Prd_Sr_Key_No='" & SrKeyNoTextBox.Text & "'", sqlcon)
            Dim sdrri As SqlDataReader
            Dim sqlcmdother As New SqlCommand("SELECT * from Product_Table where Prd_Sr_Key_No='" & SrKeyNoTextBox.Text & "'", sqlcon)
            Dim sdrother As SqlDataReader
            sdrsearch = sqlcmdsearch.ExecuteReader()
            If sdrsearch.HasRows Then
                While sdrsearch.Read
                    ProductTypeComboBox.Text = sdrsearch.Item("Prd_Type")
                End While
            End If
            If ProductTypeComboBox.Text = "REPAIR(INHOUSE)" Then
                sdrsearchcust = sqlcmdsearchcust.ExecuteReader()
                If sdrsearchcust.HasRows Then
                    While sdrsearchcust.Read
                        ProductNameTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Prd_Name")
                        BrandNameComboBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Prd_Brand")
                        ProductTypeComboBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Prd_Type")
                        DetailRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Prd_Detail")
                        datestr = sdrsearchcust.Item("Dte_Stck_In")
                        Dim splitstr As String() = datestr.Split("/")
                        ddComboBox.Text = splitstr(0)
                        mmComboBox.Text = splitstr(1)
                        yyyyComboBox.Text = splitstr(2)
                        BroughtByTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Brght_By")
                        NoteRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("Note")
                        CustomerCodeTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("C_Code")
                        CustomerNameTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("C_Name")
                        CustomerAddressRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("C_Address")
                        CustomerContactTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("C_Cntct")
                        CustomerContactPersonTextBox.Text = sdrsearchcust.Item("C_Cntct_Prsn")
                    End While
                End If
            ElseIf ProductTypeComboBox.Text = "PURCHASE" Then
                sdrsearchvend = sqlcmdsearchvend.ExecuteReader()
                If sdrsearchvend.HasRows Then
                    While sdrsearchvend.Read
                        ProductNameTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Prd_Name")
                        BrandNameComboBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Prd_Brand")
                        ProductTypeComboBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Prd_Type")
                        DetailRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Prd_Detail")
                        datestr = sdrsearchvend.Item("Dte_Stck_In")
                        Dim splitstr As String() = datestr.Split("/")
                        ddComboBox.Text = splitstr(0)
                        mmComboBox.Text = splitstr(1)
                        yyyyComboBox.Text = splitstr(2)
                        BroughtByTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Brght_By")
                        NoteRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("Note")
                        VendorCodeTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("V_Code")
                        VendorNameComboBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("V_Name")
                        VendorAddressRichTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("V_Address")
                        VendorContactTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("V_Cntct")
                        VendorContactPersonTextBox.Text = sdrsearchvend.Item("V_Cntct_Prsn")
                    End While
                ElseIf ProductTypeComboBox.Text = "REPAIRED(INWARD)" Then
                    sdrri = sqlcmdri.ExecuteReader()
                    If sdrri.HasRows Then
                        While sdrri.Read
                            ProductNameTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Prd_Name")
                            BrandNameComboBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Prd_Brand")
                            ProductTypeComboBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Prd_Type")
                            DetailRichTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Prd_Detail")
                            datestr = sdrri.Item("Dte_Stck_In")
                            Dim splitstr As String() = datestr.Split("/")
                            ddComboBox.Text = splitstr(0)
                            mmComboBox.Text = splitstr(1)
                            yyyyComboBox.Text = splitstr(2)
                            BroughtByTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Brght_By")
                            NoteRichTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("Note")
                            ServiceCentreCodeTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("S_Code")
                            ServiceCentreNameComboBox.Text = sdrri.Item("S_Name")
                            ServiceCentreAddressRichTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("S_Address")
                            ServiceCentreContactTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("S_Cntct")
                            ServiceCentreContactPersonTextBox.Text = sdrri.Item("S_Cntct_Prsn")
                        End While
                    End If
                    sdrother = sqlcmdother.ExecuteReader
                    If sdrother.HasRows Then
                        While sdrother.Read
                            ProductNameTextBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Prd_Sr_Key_No")
                            BrandNameComboBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Prd_Brand")
                            ProductTypeComboBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Prd_Type")
                            DetailRichTextBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Prd_Detail")
                            BroughtByTextBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Brght_By")
                            If IsDBNull("Note") Then
                                NoteRichTextBox.Text = ""
                                NoteRichTextBox.Text = sdrother.Item("Note")
                            End If
                        End While
                    End If
                End If
            End If
            'end of if for product type 
        End Sub
  2. In Topic: Incorrect syntax near keyword 'values'

    Posted 30 Nov 2012

    View Postlar3ry, on 30 November 2012 - 06:11 AM, said:

    It's been many years since I used SQL, but here's a possibility:

    I think there should be a ) before the Values keyword, and perhaps no square brackets. Try:
    "insert into  Product_Table(Prd_Sr_Key_No,Prd_Name,Prd_Brand,Prd_Type,Prd_Detail,Dte_Stck_In,Brght_By,Note,Prd_Data_Crtd_By,Prd_Data_Crtd_Date)  Values(@srkeyno,@prdname,@prdbrand,@prdtype,@prddetail,@dtestckin,@brghtby,@note,@prddatacrtdby,@prddatacrtddate)"

    Hey thnx its working.The closing round bracket before the keyword 'VALUES' was missing.
    and I didn't remove the square brackets.
  3. In Topic: Oledbexceptionunhandled not a valid file

    Posted 29 Aug 2012

    View Postraziel_, on 29 August 2012 - 01:40 AM, said:

    At what line do you get the error?
    Dim connection As New OleDb.OleDbConnection(cs)?

    I get error at da.Fill(ds)
  4. In Topic: InvalidOperationException Unhandled

    Posted 24 Jul 2012

    View Posttrevster344, on 21 July 2012 - 08:06 AM, said:

    It's been half a day at most, but anyways place a linebreak at the beginning of your code and run through each line with f11. Check for variables to be correct, etc. No one else will debug your code for you, you have to.

    The code I pasted above now works well.I did not make any changes to the code above.It was not working before.
    But now it does work.I dont understand what the problem was.
    Thnks trevster for your time.

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