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  1. In Topic: 8 queens problem using stacks

    Posted 16 Nov 2014

  2. In Topic: Compare two different arrays from separate loops

    Posted 22 Oct 2014

    Basically there is a cache array and a main memory array. I don't want to trouble you with all the details but to keep it simple I need the corresponding indexes to compare with each other. The main memory is going to be bigger so I will need the cache array to start over again when it gets to that point. Just to keep it simple, let's say both are an array of 16 ints. How can I compare cache[0] with mainMemory[0]?
  3. In Topic: Compare two different arrays from separate loops

    Posted 21 Oct 2014

    Well they don't need to be in separate classes I just thought that would be a better way to code it. The problem with the nested loop is it goes through the entire index of the inner loop and for every index if the outer loop. So if the outer loop is the cache and the inner loop is main memory, it goes through all of main memory while the cache index is 0. Then goes through all of MM again while the cache is 1 etc..etc. I need them to compare each other to their respective indexes, and then when the memory index exceeds the cache index I need the cache to start its loop over again. So cache 0-15 will compare MM 0-15, then cache 0-15 will compare MM 16-31, then cache 0-15, will compare MM 32-47 etc..
  4. In Topic: Compare two different arrays from separate loops

    Posted 21 Oct 2014

    So you are saying I need setters and getters for both arrays? Would I be calling them in the for loop? I can't picture how this works when trying to compare array1 and array2 from separate loops.
  5. In Topic: Writing to text file

    Posted 19 Oct 2014

    Well it's not behaving the way I want it to. If I enter "This is a test" as one string it prints out each word on its own line and I want it all on the same line.

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