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  1. In Topic: Permutation using recursion help

    Posted 8 Aug 2014

    ok but how does the "AB" move back to str after they have already been put into prefix? I don't see how they get sent back and how it knows to send B to prefix over A once they have been put back into str. I know you're saying it evaluates the next character but I don't see how it can do that from that code, unless maybe this is just the know behavior of recursion?
  2. In Topic: Permutation using recursion help

    Posted 7 Aug 2014

    No one can answer this? Seriously??
  3. In Topic: Permutation using recursion help

    Posted 7 Aug 2014

  4. In Topic: Permutation using recursion help

    Posted 7 Aug 2014

    can someone explain??
  5. In Topic: general c++ questions

    Posted 25 Jul 2013

    Hows this for 2 and 3

    2. C++ allows constructor overloading. Why doesn't it allow
    destructor overloading?

    Normally you never explicitly call the destructor, it is automatically called by the C++ frame work when the object is deleted/goes out of scope. Therefore you would not need to overload the destructor because the frame work always calls the default destructor. Additionally the C++ standard defines that a conforming compiler only allows for 1 destructor per class.

    3. When enabling a class to work with iostreams by adding overloaded
    operator<< and operator>> functions, should they be friends
    of the class or member functions, and why?

    When you use these as stream operators the first parameter is a stream. Since you do not have access to the stream object these cannot be member operators they have to be external to the class. Thus they must either be friends of the class or have access to a public method that will do the streaming for you.

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