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  1. In Topic: Going for the Blizzard Internship

    Posted 3 Dec 2012

    While I recommend you go for it, I also think you should keep in mind that this is probably going to be one of the most applied to internships out there, who doesn't dream of working for Blizzard? Make sure not to ignore other opportunities too. Game company internships will always be the most sought after and great if you get them, but there are many many great internships out there, so apply for it but I wouldn't expect it unless you're an MIT student with a 4.0 or something.
  2. In Topic: Looking for advice when self-learning

    Posted 3 Dec 2012

    When I learn a language I typically like to start with the syntax and core fundamentals of what the language does, take a notebook and start with that. After you get down the basics, start writing little programs to use the concepts. Then just work your way up, slowly making more complicated programs. Once you feel comfortable with the language I'd work on a project, actually something you think would be fun to make or that you'd find useful. For one language, I wrote a to-do list program that was pretty basic, but then added a GUI and more features as I went. Just remember to read, study, write things down and most importantly practice and try things out. If you're curious or confused about HOW something works, then try it out until you find out.

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