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  1. In Topic: Exporting to exe file

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Why is it needed to have an .exe file since .jar files also are executable?
  2. In Topic: Computer Science Book Suggestions

    Posted 23 Aug 2013

    Digital Design (Morris Mano).

  3. In Topic: I've burned out

    Posted 21 May 2013

    I was at the same situation where you stand now.
    Work,uni,family.And trying to do my best for everything.
    I will agree with what kiparsky said: Just make a plan.When it is time to have fun,have fun.
    When it is time to study,study.
    You will see that you are going to be more motivated to study when you come back from your free time.
    If you feel overworked,just take a short trip and return with loaded batteries.
  4. In Topic: Help with Algorithms Pseudocode and Loops

    Posted 18 Feb 2013

    Just do the opposite of a multiplication.

    If n=i*i*i...*i j times,then just just do n/i,save the result,then result/i etc.
    At sometime,result/i will return 1.That means j is an integer.
    Then you have a pair (since i is already an integer)
    Also think of the exceptions.What if n/i or result/i is not an integer?

    I think that piece of information is enough to start writing your pseudocode.
  5. In Topic: Stuck in a method

    Posted 17 Jan 2013

    View PostCasiOo, on 17 January 2013 - 09:53 AM, said:

    A List has a couple of methods that make it easy to make a Deck class
    You do not need to use the List class though

    Why is it so important for you to remove the Card after it has been drawn? The Deck class could just keep track of which cards has been drawn and that way make sure they are not drawn again
    You could use the stack structure in your Deck class. I think this is a good school example teaching how to use a stack :)/>
    When you search for stack implementation, you will notice that it can be made with both a List and an array

    I could have an int index that keeps watching the Deck,right?
    I've never used a stack,I will try to do it so.

    Thanks again.

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