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  1. In Topic: LINQ Parsing (XML) - Conversion

    Posted 20 Nov 2012

    Post Closed :)
    Decided to just change the XML file so it didn't have any "<Element> 12 23 32 </Element>" type data.
  2. In Topic: Multi-Dimention Array Form Control?

    Posted 6 Nov 2012

    Gridview you say, never heard of it but will give it a crack tonight :) Thanks.

    Update: Just read up about what a Gridview is and it sounds bang on to what I was after. Thanks again!
  3. In Topic: Multi-Dimention Array Form Control?

    Posted 6 Nov 2012

    Thanks Modi123_1,

    Just to make my first post a little clearer. I'm happy using Vector2 but it is the graphical form control that I'm wanting to replace. Using 2 Multiline text Boxes seems messy. I'm hoping for multi-column textbox or the like?
  4. In Topic: Dialog with XML and XNA - How To? (High Level)

    Posted 6 Nov 2012

    Thanks Kilorn,

    This person actually has a version 2 of this project and that was exactly what I was after. I've now created my own version of this and implemented it into my game. I wasn't after the code but the design concepts.

    It turns out the XML part is quite simple, basically a series of strings and indexes that the conversation manager will use to determine what string to display. The conversation manager does a number of other cool things like typing effects and use of avatars plus constraining the text into the text box etc but the XML part is straight forward.

    I have a really solid base to roll out XML to all the other game elements (and have started by making an NPC editor and now my game reads XML for NPCs too). I'll do this for everything from Enemies, Characters to Items.

    Now off to a part of the forum that could help me with Windows Form Controls. There must be a control that is perfect for holding a list of vectors2's (or a multi-array of int) :)
  5. In Topic: How to go about inflicting damage to other objects?

    Posted 28 Oct 2012

    I don't know about what your building but I'd have thought that it would depend on what mechanism you wanted to use to inflict damage. In my game spells and abilities are the only things that inflict damage, i've put calculation methods into the respective classes and pass a Player and Enemy to that method each time I want to change HP/Dish out damage.

    The most Simple thing i can think of would be to poll the keyboard and then take hp away from the enemy based on the player attack value. IE:

    Enemy.Health -= Player.MainHand.Damange;

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