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  1. In Topic: Executing from cd drive error

    Posted 20 Apr 2014

    Thanks man! Although it is a c# code it worked for me.
    Also if anyone wants to use it I converted it to vb.net
    Dim path = myfile
                    Dim fi As New IO.FileInfo(path)
                    Dim info As New ProcessStartInfo(path)
                    info.WorkingDirectory = fi.DirectoryName
                    Dim process As New Process()
                    process.StartInfo = info
  2. In Topic: How to hide windows start button?

    Posted 13 Nov 2012

    View Posttrevster344, on 13 November 2012 - 11:05 AM, said:

    We don't write code for you here. What we do is point you in the right direction if you have an actual problem. What you're pretty much saying here is "I took the code from somewhere else but it's not exactly what I want, can someone write the rest for me?" which won't fly here. Better start doing some researching of your own, and should you decide to write your own code to try and accomplish what you want, and should it not work properly then you can come back and try to get some help.

    Copy and Pasting is not encouraged here.

    Ok. Maybe I said it a little bit wrong. When I said I took this code from another site I fixed it to fit in my program because it was wrong. I mention that because I am sure the most people here will see my post and just say fix it to hide the start button. That's my main promblem. I don't know how I can fix this problem and I am saying that the code is from other site so someone will understand that I got a problem on the start button and will help me for true! Not just pointing to me that i got a problem that has to be fixed under the public class. To post a code like this, that means that I know the basics of visual basic and the problem is somewhere else. By saying post the code I don't mean "do my homework" but give me some functions that will help me. In words, everyone is a genius. But each time I post here, they usually post the thought. The thought is in my mind too!I am not an idiot. But I need a function that will give me the clue for my answer! I post a lot of times here. I never asked to do my homework. You have answerd to me like that without a research. Think about the other users what are doing. If you ban me. Goodbye and have a nice day. I know who I am! I don't need you to tell me

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