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  1. In Topic: UDP connection problem

    Posted 23 Jun 2012

    NVM we found the problem.
    It was my friend's router with some option called "Block IP Flood Detection"
    kinda weird that a router would prevent a flood from its own network but ok.
    I guess hackers can attack from everywhere... even from your computer.
  2. In Topic: UDP connection problem

    Posted 23 Jun 2012

    this isn't a problem of packet getting there before other packet, this is a problem of packet being sent and then just stopping for no reason.Literaly no packet make it after couple of seconds. I'm aware of the pros and cons. All that's being sent here in UDP is the position which is being sent constantly so it doesn't matter if a few packet get lost or get there before the previous one. But it does matter if the packet doesn't get sent at all.
    I mean it gives a nice speed boost for latency but. There is 1 other thing that is being sent through UDP and that'S jumping but since jumping is important it is sent at the same time in TCP so if the udp one doesnt make it at least the tcp one will for fail safe. I might just make UDP sending optionnal.
  3. In Topic: MMORPG good packet size

    Posted 18 Jun 2012

    thanks for reply
    about the position being sent 30 times a second,its an action game(sidescroller) where movement can be very random
    I tried a lot of different ways such as sending key press, didn't work so well. So basically what i did instead is the client send X/y position and the server emulate at best what the client did so movement are very precise and accurate that way
    I mean so far it works well from what I tested with friends compare to anything else I tried.
    I'm also thinking of having a UDP parallel with TCP¨for position sending, right now it's all TCP so it's a little slow so i want to try to make all the movement the client send to be sent through UDP i'm just worried a little about how UDP where anyone can send any packet at any time without any authentication so i'm not sure how I feel about it.
    right now it's fine as it is in TCP but a little latency boost wouldn't hurt.

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