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  1. In Topic: Game Logic Collision Handling - Component / Entity

    Posted 11 May 2014

    My mind never stops, I say. I thought of another possibility, that doesn't really so much involve collision as much as events. Instead of inheriting all events from one base type, is it generally frowned upon to have, say a single Event Interface, then possibly a general layer, such as CollisionEvent, which would use the Event Interface, then from CollisionEvent, create more categorized events from there? So, CollisionEvent might have children events for things like BulletCollisionEvent, ArrowCollisionEvent, RockCollisionEvent, and so on, and categorize most or all events? Just throwing out ideas that i've been pondering over for days now really, more or less need guidance in which directions are good and which are bad.
  2. In Topic: Proximity Events

    Posted 30 Apr 2014

    That's what I was thinking, and why I mentioned I already had a collision system. Thanks for the input!
  3. In Topic: Storing Dynamic Objects

    Posted 18 Apr 2014

    I think I might have worded that poorly. I do have one big map that holds each entities' GUID, and the components tied to it. What i'm looking for, is more of the objects that hold the entity ID.

    For example, my Item class might just only have an int entityID, along with a few helper functions and whatnot. I'm more looking for what makes sense the most when it comes to holding the object that holds the entity basically. So, I would have a list of 10 Item Class Objects, that each have their own entity ID. Now, the entity for the Item is held in a Map in my EntityManager class. So that's all set.

    But, then i'll have an ItemSystem to handle all of the item logic in the game. ( Picking up, putting down, using, etc ). So, if it wasn't clear, ( which is always possible with the way stuff pours out of my mind! ), i'm looking for advice for storing the class objects that HOLD the entity ID. Basically the object the entity represents. So, would it be more common to see that list of ten items held in one single list in Item System, or would it be more common to see those items held by their actual owners, like the Player's Inventory, Game World, etc.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your answer, and i'm correcting something that isn't wrong. I hope this hammers my point across! :P Thanks for the help though!

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