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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 10 Apr 2015

    Today I'm having a Lunch Date (2nd meeting) with a new possible romantic interest, and trying to figure out why an application published to production intranet server renders fine in IE/Firefox/Chrome on my end, but for everyone else (seemingly using the same version of IE) are experiencing a missing navbar, missing bootstrap glyphicons (though bootstrap button classes are clearly being applied), and page width is completely off in the Browser window. Data and other components are present, but something with the general CSS or Bootstrap definitely seems to be going wonky.

    No idea why it's just them though.... :/
  2. In Topic: Excel: Paying off hypothetic loan in 25yrs vs. 30yrs?

    Posted 17 Feb 2015

    Thanks, good catch on row 196 in my spreadsheet having an error in the Formula. But now I'm still left unable to answer the second question still?

    In the spreadsheet shown in Figure 9.4, what is the effect of a prepayment of $200 per month?
    • With the original prepayment of $100, my updated spreadsheet shows Month 269 having a balance of $303.62 and being paid off inf Month 270 with a negative balance of $895.00.
    • A $200 prepayment results in Month 220 having a balance of $561.31 and being paid off in Month 221 with a negative balance of $735.59.

    So the effect is the loan is payed off 50 months sooner (a little over 4 years quicker?)

    What prepayment would be necessary to pay off the loan in 25 years instead of 30?

    I'm still lost on this question. The original loan amount is not taking 30 years to be paid off...?
  3. In Topic: Excel: Paying off hypothetic loan in 25yrs vs. 30yrs?

    Posted 17 Feb 2015

    Thanks for replying astonecipher, but I'm still a bit lost?

    View Postastonecipher, on 16 February 2015 - 03:50 PM, said:


    One of the questions in my book goes like so: `In the spreadsheet shown in Figure 9.4, what is the effect of a prepayment of `$200` per month? What prepayment would be necessary to pay off the loan in 25 years instead of 30?`

    The loan would be paid off in 221 months ( at month 220 the balance would be $561).

    Can you elaborate this? My spreadsheet is showing (with a $200.00 prepayment) the balance being $561.31 at month 223, and then crossing into the negative range (payed) in month 224.

    View Postastonecipher, on 16 February 2015 - 03:50 PM, said:


    On the first question (in my current spreadsheet for Figure 9.4) The effect of a prepayment being `$200` per month changes the loan to have a [Total Payment] of `$1,300.65` vs the original `$1,200.65`. This difference in total payment results in the loan (in my spreadsheet) being paid off in month 247 vs month 273.

    The original payment is $110.65, not 1200.65 ( that comes from the $100 prepay value).

    Is this a typo? The [Normal Payment] is clearly listed at $1,100.65 in the original problem (with [Prepay Amount] of $100.00) for a [Total Payment] of $1,200.65...?

    View Postastonecipher, on 16 February 2015 - 03:50 PM, said:


    On the second question `What prepayment would be necessary to pay off the loan in 25 years instead of 30?` I am totally lost. Can anyone help guide me here? I'm thoroughly confused as from what I am reading, the original loan with a prepayment of $100 is not even taking 30 years to pay off!? (272 months / 12 = 22.66666667 months...??!?)

    You are factoring in the info on the image, which adds a $100 prepayment value raising the payment. Just paying the default payment ( $1100.62 ) The loan would be paid in 360 payments ( 30 yrs ). So, if you changed the prepayment value down to $50, what do you get?

    ... I"m completely lost. If I just consider the [Normal Payment] each month of $1,100.65 and multiply that by 360 months (30yrs) the total amount paid is $396,234 -- far above the loan amount of $150,000!?

    If I change the [Prepay Amount] down to $50, the following occurs:

    [Normal Payment] - Still at $1,100.65
    [Prepay Amount] - $50.00
    [Total Payment] - $1,150.65
    Month 308 with a balance of $1,127.78 and Month 309 crossing into paid off with negative $15.35....?
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 21 Jan 2015

    Not working on too much today IT wise. Trying to sort through some personal matters in my relationship without lashing out (words/the wall) and without imploding into a bottle of Scotch.
  5. In Topic: Fall / Winter 2014 Fitness

    Posted 13 Jan 2015

    View PostXaos, on 13 January 2015 - 03:49 AM, said:

    Thinking about :
    M/W/F/Sunday - Bicep curls, tricep curls
    T/TH/Saturday - Lunges, Calf raises, wall squats
    then mix in some sit ups every day.

    I've been doing a modified version of the Starting Strength workout plan myself. In a nutshell I'm currently doing the following:

    MON: Bench Press (5,5,MAX), Bicep Curl (3x10), Overhead Tri-Press (3x10), Tricep Kickbacks (3x10), Weighted Squats (5,5,MAX)
    WED: Overhead Press (5,5,MAX), Rotart Shoulder Twists (3x10), Weighted Shrugs (3x10), Chest Fly's (3x10), Deadlift (5,5,MAX)
    FRI: Bench Press (5,5,MAX), Rows (3x10), Lat. Pull Down's (3x10), Weighted Squats (5,5,MAX)

    The idea is you are mainly focused on the 4 "BIG" exercises - Bench, Squat, Deadlift, and Overhead Press. With these you always start out by doing 2 sets of 5 reps, and then on your third you try to MAX out as many as you can. Starting out with the program if you can do 10 on the MAX set, definitely need to up your weight. The guideline is that if you can get at least 5 reps on your MAX set, then you get to increase the next week -- I typically do increase intervals of 5lb on the Bench/Overhead Press and intervals of 10lb on the Squat/Deadlift. If you fail to get at least the 5 reps on the MAX set, then you reduce weight by 10% and build back up. Also every week the first exercises rotate, so for example week 1 would be Bench/Overhead/Bench and week 2 would be Overhead/Bench/Overhead on their respective days.

    You can mix and match whatever else you want into your own personal routine, but the program is focused specifically on the full big 4 exercises. When I'm fully in my routine I also include chin-ups every lifting day and try to work in an extra day just for abs. On my rest days I'll usually try to job/run for a little bit to help stretch out my muscles -- from personal experience can definitely recommend the C25K program for running.

    I fell out of lifting when my old workout buddy moved a few hours away for a new job, but one of my friends/neighbors who goes to the same gym as me decided he wanted to start lifting together, so I now have renewed incentive. He's sore but seems to be liking the routine I've set up so far. Back when I was lifting regularly my best stats ever were Bench Press 195lbs (1x5), Squat 270lbs (1x5), Deadlift 280lbs (1x5), and Overhead Press 110lbs (1x5).

    My current lifting goals for 2015 are to get my Bench to 225lbs (1x5), Squat to 325lbs (1x5), Deadlift 325lbs (1x5) and Overhead Press to 125lbs (1x5). I'm currently doing 95lbs this week on the Overhead and doing the 45lb bar with 45lbs plates on each side for the other exercises (135lbs). Each week I'll work on form and upping by my weight intervals until I start to fail at hitting that last set of 5, the I'll reset 10% and work back up. Once back into the full swing of things I'm also shooting for capability to do 25 straight pull-ups without stopping, and if really froggy going to try and get my mile run-time down to 7 minutes again (best ever was 6:52 in high school during Baseball season).

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    No problem! Glad you found it useful. :)
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    04 Oct 2012 - 05:03
    On the way to becoming a professional chef. ;) But if you like Asian food, I would suggest this recipe.
    Read the comments first though and take them into account, otherwise the recipe may not turn out right as lemongrass is incredibly hard to dice without freshly whet stone sharpened knives.
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