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  1. In Topic: Is learning VB6 now a complete waste of time?

    Posted 19 Nov 2012

    Hi everyone,

    I will stick with VB6 forever, using it about 15 years now and I'm happy whit it! :bananaman:

    I tried to install VS.NET versions like 2003, 2008, 2010 on my system (Intel 3 GHz HT, 4Gb DDR3 RAM, nVidia 8600GT)...and it's too sloooow (like great Adobe Flash Player, No CPU and RAM dependent :rolleyes2: )!

    That's my opinion.

    Kind regards
  2. In Topic: Cannot Delete Registry Key in Windows 7 64-bit

    Posted 4 Jul 2012

    View PostBobRodes, on 04 July 2012 - 03:34 AM, said:

    You can avoid typos in declarations by using the API Viewer that ships with VB6. Perhaps everyone was assuming that you were using it and didn't look for typos.

    Hi BobRodes,

    Yes, I tried that before with API Viewer, but the "RegDeleteKeyEx" declaration missing from it!

  3. In Topic: Cannot Delete Registry Key in Windows 7 64-bit

    Posted 2 Jul 2012

    View PostGunnerInc, on 02 July 2012 - 02:03 AM, said:

    Your using a 32bit app? Not gonna work. Just to test it, I Assembled a 32 bit app and tried all the possible flags and nothing worked, running as admin, uac etc...

    Assembled a 64bit app, and RegDeleteKey AND RegDeleteKeyExW both work fine.

    *** Edit ***
    From viewing this same question you posted on MANY sites you want this code


    to be compatible from Win98 to Win8 32/64-bit platforms

    You really should pick up a book on the Registry!!!
    First off, RegDeleteKeyEx is only available on VISTA and above (XP 64bit also)

    Second, the Registry on 98 (Actually any NON NT based OS) is a different beast. NT OS's (NT 3.5 and above)add ACL to many operations.

    Third, accessing the Registry with common code from 98 to Win8 is not possible. You will need to detect the OS and whether it is 32 or 64 bit and write and use code accordingly.

    Yes, I know all of that and I coded like that to detect OS versions and types...

    And I solved my issue to, it was a typo in the declaration I posted and no one noticed it!
  4. In Topic: VB6 apps runtime ?

    Posted 1 Jul 2012

    View Postthava, on 01 July 2012 - 03:03 AM, said:

    ok, Here are some of my points

    vb6, is not a oop
    vb6, have the DLL hell problem

    This two are the major reason i switch over to
    because is oop based and have reduced the DLL hell

    people may argue there are lot of solutions over the net to reduce the dll hell problem in vb6 but the fact is i have already did it by .net Framework

    Neku i like you very much brother, you are point out some thing there


    i find, atleast what i define as many, posts with comments that say "why you use VB6? its pretty much dead." maybe i over react abit due to work pressure but i do find this kind of annoying.
    at times some people get this kind of comment insted help/answer to their question.

    we are here to guide them and help them,may be the reason we said that thing is actually many people have forget that programming language,
    when you stuck on a most critical problem you need a help from a best professional to solve
    your problem there, but lot's of the time you are able to find a good professional to solve your critical problem,look at the word "Pretty much dead" means still alive but in a dying stage

    To me as long as windows live vb6 also, Because lot of industrial applications(has more than 20000 lines of code) run in vb6 as front end, its run perfectly without any error, then why do they need to switch over to a newer version?, they switch over because there are not well equipped programmers available for vb6, if someone find such a person then he is not in a affordable price to maintain their entire project, so they just switch over to new things simply said "Do in Rome as Romans Do"

    to be honest my fist program written and execute in computer is a vb6 hello world program, There after i learn c, c++ a little bit but to me it seems vb6 is more easier to understand the logic lies in a program using some special features like line by line execution, watch window and much more features, so i will not forget that language until my death
    but all the features available in vb6 is also available in also
    performance related article vb6 vs
    hope i make a point here

    What VB6 DLL Hell problem?!, but I like that article! ;)
  5. In Topic: VB6 apps runtime ?

    Posted 1 Jul 2012

    View PostAtli, on 30 June 2012 - 01:01 AM, said:

    You purchased VB.NET? I'm assuming you are talking about the Visual Studio IDE, seeing as the .NET Framework itself is distributed for free.

    You can also get the Express version of Visual Studio for free. Only people developing .NET apps professionally have to buy it. You should have at least used the Express version to learn and evaluate it before buying the professional version.

    As to your disadvantages. Honestly, that doesn't read like a list of disadvantages, but more like a list of weak excuses to justify your personal preference. (Which, by the way, you don't actually have to justify.)

    • No, you only need the versions your app requires. Develop it for .NET 2.0, and you only need .NET 2.0 installed.

    • ... What?

    • Seems perfectly straight forward to me. Where is the confusion, exactly?

    • Of course not. It's a far more comprehensive framework, and was meant to succeed VB6, not extend it.

    • How is that "weird"? It's different from VB6, that's true, but I'm guessing this "weirdness" you are seeing is just your perception of a syntax different than what you are used to.

    Hi Atli,

    Yes, I purchased it for professional use.

    I didn't say it's bad stuff, but I don't like it...

    Maybe you started your life with .NET platform and in that case to you it's normal...

    I started my life with Simons' Basic on Commodere 64 and ZX Spectrum then on PC with QBasic 7...VB4, VB5, and the meanwhile I learned WMI, VBS, VBA, ASP, etc...I like these languages because all are "similar" in one way.


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