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  1. In Topic: Compilation fails with an error at line 15

    Posted 5 Aug 2012

    well i am not sure but from the looks of it it can not be sub class because Dog class is the parent class of hounds so in the class dog show You call the class hounds and you are casting

    ((Dog) new Hound()).bark();

    so in this scenario the Dog class is casting and is therefore super class not subclass. :D

    and smhd yeh i dont think i needed to change his code but either way that's just another approach.
  2. In Topic: Compilation fails with an error at line 15

    Posted 5 Aug 2012

    I believe youre GO method is wrong and as mentioned above you must use System and not system
    here is how you can make it to work

    public void go()
        new Hound().bark();
        new Hound().bark();
        new Hound().sniff();

    Hope it helps

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    16 Jul 2012 - 02:46
    No problem. I did that before too, and I felt bad because someone marked me. I asked why, and he told me what I told you on that topic. So, from that day onward I helped by guidance only. By the way, you're new? Welcome to DIC! :)
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