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  1. In Topic: Writing to Console in MASM

    Posted 26 Sep 2012

    View PostGunnerInc, on 26 September 2012 - 03:14 PM, said:

    You do understand that using DOS interupts are a tremendous pain in the ass right? Code that uses DOS interupts will NOT work on modern OS's (anything newer than XP I believe) without an emulator, even then, not everything works correctly. You need to use and deal with segments, less memory, no way to easily do anything. Stick with using the Windows API functions. You don't need to use the Irvine library either, if you wanted to, you could look at the irvine source to see how it is done. Why do you want to go "backwards" if you are learning 32 bit Assembly?

    Ralph Brown has an interupt list, you can find the link to his page here: http://www.dreaminco...etting-started/

    No, I didn't understand actually :sweatdrop:... I took a look at the library, and while I don't completely understand everything yet, I'm sure that it'll become more clear as i progress. Thanks!
  2. In Topic: DumpRegs unresolved

    Posted 27 Aug 2012

    Whoops, forgot to post that:
    	main PROC
    		mov eax,1000
    		mov ebx, 5
    		imul ebx
    		call DumpRegs
    	main ENDP
    END main
  3. In Topic: Difficulty in Language Transition

    Posted 23 Aug 2012

    Thanks! Your post was immensely helpful! I am reading the 6th edition. I'll definitely need to look at the documentation once I get a better grasp of assembly.


    In that snippet, Y is probably a parameter to the procedure the code is in, or it could be a "global" variable, an equate/define, it is hard to tell from that small snippet. One thing it is not, it is not a "local" variable.
    Ok, that's what confused me a lot, since the equivalent c++ code defined them as local. Thanks again!
  4. In Topic: program that checks if each uint8_t in a buffer is null (0x00) IN C

    Posted 20 Aug 2012

    I believe you could check by comparing it with NULL
  5. In Topic: Getting Input Using BufferedReader

    Posted 20 Aug 2012

    View Postsummer_breeze, on 20 August 2012 - 11:18 AM, said: error: non-static variable br cannot be referenced from a static context.

    Just as the error message says, br cannot be referenced from a static context(from within static void main), as it isn't static.

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