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  1. In Topic: Retrieving control using javascript given a control's id

    Posted 14 Dec 2012

    I'm trying to find the object based on the ID that was passed into the function from the UC. For now, I'm working around this by using a rarely used property on an input button to store the clientID of the new object.
    I was looking for something simlar to
    var someValue = '<%=sTxtName.ClientID%>';
  2. In Topic: Retrieving control using javascript given a control's id

    Posted 14 Dec 2012

    That is a typo in the example. The reason that the code isn't working is because txt + someValue is just the ID of the control and not the ClientID. document.getElementById looks at clientIDs, which are the fully qualified (for lack of a better term at this moment) name, such as pMain_ctl00_etc. Is there a way in javascript to find a control given a controls ID, or a way to get the clientID of a control given the ID?
    In the server side code, I could find the control by using the parent's control.findcontrol function, however I'm trying to keep from posting back to the server to accomplish this task.
  3. In Topic: Question: D.I.C vs Stackoverflow

    Posted 24 Aug 2012

    I don't think that it'll give much value to the conversation as I'm new, but as an onlooker, more or less, I can say that I'd prefer to go to StackOverflow hands down. That said, the question itself is like asking someone if they'd rather go somewhere to "chat" or somewhere to do code. Personally I like coding over talking about how "evil" a corporation is or what I'm displaying on my desktop.
  4. In Topic: Games you play after a long time of coding

    Posted 24 Aug 2012

    I play WoW regularily, I hate to admit. But when I get my fill of trolling around, I fire up the old FF series games that I have and beat them again. I've also played all the zelda's out on actual consoles (don't start on the whole hand-helds are consoles too bs), but the only one I really go back to in that series is Ocarina of time. I refuse to play the "3D" version of the game though.
  5. In Topic: MVC 4 Database Migration - Seeding data

    Posted 13 Aug 2012

    If it helps any, when I take out the addition of the child object to the person object, the ID's are populated, and the objects can be referenced in code if I populate the join table manually. This is not feasible as this has a potential to be the case every time someone adds a child to a person.

    Any directional help would be appreciated as well. I have been all over the web trying to figure this issue out with no luck.

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