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  1. In Topic: 'time_t' to 'unsigned int', possible loss of data }

    Posted 7 Aug 2012

    thanks for catching that.. was late when it all started :yawn:
  2. In Topic: Terminal based ATM program needs to be full screen

    Posted 3 Aug 2012

    I could display a picture for all i care, so long as i can take in and pass user input through a switch after. And i actually only have about a week to do the code because we go out to build on playa on the 11th. So not to offend any one but I would be most appreciative if we got past some of the hypothesizing and i could learn some code. Or pointed to an appropriate tut.

    Full screen is my main concern... how is it that most every thing else can go full screen at the click of a button with the mouse? I guess i just thought this was a simpler question.
  3. In Topic: Terminal based ATM program needs to be full screen

    Posted 3 Aug 2012

    well for the most part the program is text display anyways, so that's fine.

    I have an old compaq intel celeron w/xp and monitor in a wood box as a mock up of an ATM.
    And the plan is to have an exe to run on it that will be the ATM program, and i want it to take up the whole screen so you can't see anything else until the program is terminated.

    My familiarity with C++ is limited to an intro collage course taken last year.
    And i'm confident i can figure this out if given the right information.

    I am also going to want to learn about playing video in C++ too so i can call footage to be displayed like i would anything else.
  4. In Topic: Terminal based ATM program needs to be full screen

    Posted 3 Aug 2012

    Unfortunately i do not have the luxury of time this time around.

    Although i've been interested in QT i don't think i will have the time to learn it well enough to make good use of it in the next weekish.

    What can you tell me about Textual displaying? Are textual screens coordinate based? (x,y grid map)
  5. In Topic: Terminal based ATM program needs to be full screen

    Posted 3 Aug 2012

    View PostAtli, on 02 August 2012 - 04:54 AM, said:

    Moved to the C/C++ Help forum. Please don't post questions in the "Challenges" sub-forums.

    My apologies. Sense i was unable to find this post i assumed it had been lost too and re-posted another today in challenges. Seemed logical at the time as i couldn't find a forum labeled > C and C++ Help. Perhaps though i'm just challenged.

    View Postjimblumberg, on 02 August 2012 - 05:37 AM, said:


    So far I have only written terminal based programs in C++ and don't know how to use/configure a kiosk style GUI.

    What exactly do you mean by "kiosk style GUI"? You are going to have to ask much more specific questions and give us much more information.


    And by "Kiosk style GUI" I mean a Graphical User Interface like they have in real ATM Kiosks or mall navigation Kiosks..... As i have only ever written code to be displayed in a terminal/prompt window i have no idea how this is done, or how to ask my question any more specific than that (or i could probably google it and i wouldn't be here).

    So geeze... I guess how dose one create a graphical interface to display to. How do you configure it(color, size, shape, etc..), and how do you display to it.

    Don't really know what i'm talking about though, so perhaps these questions miss the mark they where intended for.

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