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  1. In Topic: non-static member ?

    Posted 20 Sep 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 20 September 2012 - 07:47 PM, said:

    You'll need to get the instance of AgentActionComponent that you want to tell to stop walking and call stopWalking() on that instance.

    Hi Skydiver and Aphex19
    about instance : i am trying to create an object as follows
    AgentActionComponent Object;

    but its not allowing to create object in this way. it says no default constructor exist for this class.


    Hopefully somebody familiar with the Horde3D GameEngine can help you find the current instance (or appropriate instance).

    Skydiver :: Well you are already familiar with Horde3d documentation. This kind of question when posted earlier on their forum was highly degraded and referred and strongly suggested to be asked on programming forum.
  2. In Topic: issue while creating an exe in visual studio 2010

    Posted 7 Sep 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 07 September 2012 - 11:27 AM, said:

    If you have that CAVE branch of the game engine, build it. It should produce the appropriate libraries, in this case, GameEngine_Network as you claim. You should then link that in. The theory is that the CAVE branch, if it used networking, would presumably have been written and tested to work with the networking code that was in its branch. Only a crazy individual (although they say there is a fine line between genius and insanity), would write code in one branch but depend on the functional behavior from another branch.

    I gave up in disgust with the Horde3D SVN GameEngine, because of the lack of documentation. Even the University of Augsburg that supposed wrote the game engine has very little information on how to link in their code: http://mm-werkstatt....e/doku.php/docs . The closest they come to things is that they mention that they have game components. I'm willing to bet that there is a lot of word of mouth and oral lore within the university on how to use their game engine, but for us on the outside, nada.

    The branch I enlisted on had a doc directory, but all that was present was a batch/makefile to run Doxygen. Nowhere in the Horde3D list of dependencies did it mention that they needed Doxygen. Yes, I could download and install it, but it's already a sign to me that GameEngine may not be fully fleshed out if they couldn't even get their build dependencies right.

    I'm still interested in the Horde3D rendering engine which seems very well documented, but I'm already leery of the GameEngine itself. It's interesting to note that the official Horde3D downloads do not include the GameEngine... only the rendering engine.

    Yes you are right i have really suffered alot due to this game engine, The thesis that should take maximum 9 months to 1 year is taking me over one and half year. I really wana get red of it :( this is the worst thing happening to me in my life and i am really sometimes crying that why did I choose such a project in which such game engine was used. anyways I am really greatful to you that without knowing me you are helping me and guiding me in coming out of this. Apart from buttering really there are very less people in this world who do help which ultimately increases there knowledge and gives them strong power.

    Coming back to the point ! Now i have may be low level or a stupid question!
    I talk about Plan B first and then come back to Plan A that you suggested.
    Plan B.
    What I was thinking is that i add my created application in the new version of the code where i can easily integrate networkapp after solving too many errrors i came up with an integrated version of my code with the code which is providing us with networkapp because in this way i will not have to be worried if networkapp is linked or not or if its libraries are created or not.
    I have no build errors but i have run time error. On running the application it asked me for gameagenactioncomponent.dll when i copied it from my old /bin folder it asked another .dll . Infact i copied from my lib folder to this new lib folder some .lib files that were missing in new version. I don't know if it is legal to copy old build libraries into another version. (does it work?). I added for example GameAgentActionComponent, GameAgentActionComponentd, GameAgentAnimComponent.lib, GameAgentAnimComponentd.lib and on adding those it asked me the same .dlls for all these files but at run time. I even copied .dlls but then it asked me that there is a function named abc that is not located in here . although in my old version it was working .

    I understand probably it doesn't allow to use already built .dlls. I don't understand only one thing that why this new version (when i built the whole solution) doesn't build its own libraries and dlls etc etc.

    Plan A :: That you and me were talking about already.

    Now stupid problem with this version is also that when i am building the solution its giving an error of cannot open gamesoundcomponentd.lib.

    All problems can be solved only if we come to conclusion that why our libraries are not built when we are compiling even the whole solution.

    According to my knowledge when i am building the whole solution then it must create all libraries in lib folder and use those but i am doing stupid thing by copying libraries from other versions here and using same libraries which is probably not right and source of creating problems? am i right?

    Edit: And about the version in which i was getting errors
    Obviously if I know the name of the library then i can add or link it here but i don't know which name is that for that library and if it is legal to copy that library from there and link it?
  3. In Topic: issue while creating an exe in visual studio 2010

    Posted 7 Sep 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 06 September 2012 - 08:38 PM, said:

    Then I guess you're forced to link the version from that branch. Hopefully that branch lets you build the appropriate libraries if you don't have them precompiled.

    So you mean if i am using a function of networkapp by copying in my version of the code then probably i can link library but right now I don't know what is the library name that I have to add. We are using functions from Networkapp.h and what possible library and where that possible library can be that which I have to get? or do you think only copying networkapp and then building the whole svn code is enough? I gues there should be some kind of linking also for this newly attached networkapp ? is there supposed to be any kind of linking with my application of this Networkapp that is to be done?

    I will try one more thing just now , i want to copy my application in the working Cave version code and then start using functions from there may be it will work, but m not sure and i think earlier i tried and there were few errors that i will do again and try to fix
  4. In Topic: issue while creating an exe in visual studio 2010

    Posted 6 Sep 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 06 September 2012 - 05:25 PM, said:

    Okay I just enlisted in the Horde3D SVN tree. It looks like you also need to link in GameSocketComponent. Just like you were not linking in GameSoundComponent earlier, now it looks like you are not linking in GameSocketComponent.

    So how did I find this information. I just did a grep through the source looking for connectToServer. It showed up as being in the GameSocketComponent directory.

    Yes you are right it is present in GameSocketcomponent also but i am not using that one i am using the one that is present in the networkapp

    the function ConnectToserver present in Gamesocketcomponent has no paramter as an argument while fucntion in networkapp looks as follows


    now this networkapp is linked in project dependencies and also added as reference.

    Now i want to tell you one thing which may be is helpful. This networkapp is an application of another version of code.
    I only copied the application into my ap;plication and started using this function.

    Meaning to say
    1. I have an old version of SVN code on which i developed my game. lets name this SVN Code as Final Version SVN Code. In this version of code i didnt have networkapp.

    2. I have another new version of Code lets name it as CAVE Version SVN Code. Now this has networkapp (having function named ConnectToserver()).

    now i wanted to to integrate the Final Version SVN Code application with CAVE version SVN Code. Obviously i will need networkapp so that the function named ConnectToserver()) that was working in CAVE version SVN code should work in Final Version SVN code.

    I do remember I didnt copy any libraries related to networkapp into my application (Final Version SVN Code).

    but now i understand that we have to figure out networapp library to link so what its name can be ? where can i find it? and do u think i will have to add it in Project Properties->configuration Properties->Linker->Input-> in additional libraries or something?
    Sorry I wrote wrong the first line it should be
    Yes you are right it is present in GameSocketcomponent also but i am not using that one.
    I am using the one that is present in the GameEngine_Network
  5. In Topic: issue while creating an exe in visual studio 2010

    Posted 6 Sep 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 06 September 2012 - 04:48 PM, said:

    No. My instructions were find out what header file contains the GameServer class definition. Once you find out what the file name is, the typical open source naming convention is to also name the library that needs to be linked in similarly. For example if you find that the GameServer class is defined in MyLeftFoot.h, then you would have to find MyLeftFoot.lib and link that in. If it's not named MyLeftFoot.lib, it'll be name LibMyLeftFoot which is the other naming convention (which I personally think sucks, but I gotta live with it the same way I've got to live with QWERTY keyboards).

    When you downloaded and installed your game library SDK, it should have either the library files pre-compiled for you, or at least given you instruction on how to build the library so that you would end up with the appropriate libraries.

    Are you sure GameServer? the errors that I posted today have only problems shown GameEngine::startserver or GameEngine::connectToserver. and there is nothng like GameServer? am i right?
    We have one problem where it shows GameEngine::startserver() and it is defined in handle.cpp and another is GameEngine::connectToserver and this is defined in GameEngine_Network.

    I am sorry i am not trying to be stubborn but just want to be sure :(


    Or may b you meant GameEngine Class? am i right?

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