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  1. In Topic: Update Access database programatically (append to field)

    Posted 3 May 2014

  2. In Topic: filter multiple database fields

    Posted 22 Apr 2014

    Thanks for the reply

    yes i was thinking about splitting the string but like you said, how will it know?

    another possibility i was thinking was to maybe join the two columns with an sql query then apply the filter? i've no idea how to begin with that though :/
  3. In Topic: bindingsource.filter by date problems

    Posted 31 Mar 2014

    awesome thanks, i got it working as you said, with apostrophes and no hash signes:

    .EnquiryBindingSource.Filter = "NextAppointmentDate = '" & String.Format("{0:dd/MM/yyyy}", Date.Today.Date & "'")

    Thanks again
  4. In Topic: bindingsource.filter by date problems

    Posted 31 Mar 2014

    Thanks for the reply, correct it is an access database

    I tried the following:

    "NextAppointmentDate = " & String.Format("#{0:dd/MM/yyyy}#", Date.Today.Date)

    which gave me the following error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
  5. In Topic: Background worker Help

    Posted 4 Feb 2014

    View Postybadragon, on 04 February 2014 - 06:52 AM, said:

    I was just doing some testing and it is because you have ShowDialog within your loop and after it's completed you try to hide the form. Try moving your showDialog to your workercompleted Sub after you hide the form so

    Private Sub bw_RunWorkerCompleted(...)
    End Sub

    Thanks for the reply

    While what you suggested does work, it defeats the purpose of my Background worker (which is to load frmEnquiry in the background then display it to the user once it has loaded)

    Could you suggest another way to achieve this that will allow me to close the frmLoading form?

    I was wrong, this does do what i want it to - sorry for doubting you :)

    The problem now is my gif doesn't seem to show? The area where the gif should be is transparent?

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