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  1. In Topic: Hardware/Device for Assembly for begginner?

    Posted 31 Mar 2015

    I know I can get emulator and vmware, but i was looking to get something pre-built that i can take around, using just a hand held device. I know with my mac, i could do alot more, but i am willing to invest into a device of such if it exists(my searches dont come up with anything even close)
  2. In Topic: Simple compiler or IDE

    Posted 9 Sep 2014

    I wish not to use something less heavy and more lightweight in itself. I think I saw something about 'Vim' but not sure what exactly it is. If I must in the end, I'll download code::blocks (visual doesn't run on my computer for some reason,I already tried and it just crashes. Was on when I bought it)
  3. In Topic: C++ game in browser

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    Not the browser itself yeah, but I meant with javascript or flash or whatnot...but if no one knows of such/is impossible...alright

    Instead of making another thread for something quick, is there an easy program I can use that can compile and run c++. I'm looking for something simple with just text-like the IDE that comes with python install.
  4. In Topic: C++ game in browser

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    I know c++ can be interpreted in browser, and I was wondering if anyone knew a website that can interpret c++ and run it cross platform and use a graphics library too.
  5. In Topic: Help with append list -> dict

    Posted 14 Jul 2014

    As I read it, it sounds almost exactly what i am currently trying to do-but more technical and strange. What i have now up there works if I take the function 'info' out of the class(and remove 'self'),but as it is now,does not work. I am trying to make it as easy as possible and doing ',wanted_element)' would be easier to understand than using just info outside of the class. But as I said, i get an error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Pokemon Mengakana\", line 399, in <module>,0)
    TypeError: unbound method info() must be called with Pokemon instance as first argument (got int instance instead)

    I have the function inside the class and include the 'self' when needed.

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