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  1. In Topic: sqlite3 in Python

    Posted 16 Aug 2012

    Is this offline or online?
  2. In Topic: List save/manipulate

    Posted 16 Aug 2012

    Is it possible to use an offline database without needing another program to use( when user uses it once it is standalone(I think that is what I mean,where other people can use it without needing python downloaded)).
  3. In Topic: Setting Max Health limit

    Posted 14 Aug 2012

    I did say I was a newb. And that's what (the only thing) I hate about python,that it is read line by line. Hopefully in D++ or whatever they are going to call it, they will at least add a function that runs simultaneously with the script without interfering with the main script.
  4. In Topic: List save/manipulate

    Posted 14 Aug 2012

    the "inventory" is just a variable that the user chooses to name the list that will hold that category of items. The list will hold "item=itemname","price=itemprice","measure=itemmes","barcode=itembar". I am looking for to have the user input a name for the category then creates a list into a file(.txt or .py). Then once it is created(the program will go to main menu and chooses add item), the user can add the item name,price,measure and barcode and then it saves(or edit an item/ delete). Then (i should be able to get this and on) I want the user to be able to delete or add an inventory. That is the basic run down.(i want another file, not sure what the object oriented/simple procedure is. And it is write/read file.)
  5. In Topic: Setting Max Health limit

    Posted 14 Aug 2012

    I know I am a newbie at python and all.But couldn't you just use:
    if health>=max_health:

    To me it seams very simple for setting and "enforcing" the max_health.

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