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  1. In Topic: Get max volume at current moment in time

    Posted 8 Apr 2015

    I found a youtube video of someone with the kind of thing I want, but its using recording device instead of playback device, and the majority of all the links and stuff are broken. and most other people who ask for the same thing I have just want a single value, like the volume level (that the user sets), but I want the program to constantly check for the grey bar to get a numeric value
  2. In Topic: Webrequest for google search page

    Posted 4 Apr 2015

    If i use their API, won't i need .dll files in the same folder as the release .exe? Also which API of theirs should i use, there seem to be a lot
    Also the api is limited to 100 requests a day
  3. In Topic: Choosing custom amount of threads

    Posted 1 Apr 2015

    Is it safe having 1000 tasks running then? and i'm making kind of automated proxy scraper
  4. In Topic: Choosing custom amount of threads

    Posted 1 Apr 2015

    How do I start a task again after it has finished? Like if i wanted each task to webrequest a list of URLs, they would do the first 10, finish, then do the next 10, finish, etc.
  5. In Topic: Choosing custom amount of threads

    Posted 1 Apr 2015

    Also with tasks is there a way to see which task is accessing the method at that current moment in time.

    For example if Task(2) was executing code in
    Private Sub WebRequesting()

    could i get it to says Msgbox("The current task is " &tasknumber)

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