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  1. In Topic: Outputting data from an .accdb database to a textbox?

    Posted 25 Feb 2013

    Actually thanks to your second post I'm now able to output data from the database :)

    I've now got to work out how to make the text box update when I press a button (to navigate to the next record)!
  2. In Topic: Outputting data from an .accdb database to a textbox?

    Posted 25 Feb 2013

    View Postandrewsw, on 24 February 2013 - 03:11 PM, said:

    There is a simple example here at MSDN of reading data from a DataReader. Click the Get.. links on the left to obtain other ways to retrieve the field(s) data.

    It depends:
    How many fields are retrieved from the table? How many rows?
    Do you want to retrieve the data from a specific column or field-name?
    Your post states that you want to put the data into a single TextBox; is this correct?

    I've had a look at the code and it's not explained, nor does it want to work. OracleCommand (etc) cannot be found and the article does not explain how to solve this. A quick google search indicates that I need to use using System.Data.OracleClient; however OracleClient does not exist in the namespace System.Data.

    At the moment it's connected to a very simple database. The database has one table (Test) which has 2 fields with one record ("2 x 1"). The finish product will have multiple tables, each with multiple fields and multiple records. Each textbox in the program will contain the data from one field / records at a time.

    I don't know if I've explained that very well. I can draw a diagram if it'll help.

    View Postandrewsw, on 24 February 2013 - 03:20 PM, said:

    In general it is better to use Data Binding - to link the form to a data-source.

    I'll read through this.

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