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  1. In Topic: A stupid question deserves a stupid answer

    Posted 6 Dec 2012

    they ride go-carts through their previous childhood dreams

    What if my neighbor's cat peed inside your cousins future birthday present?
  2. In Topic: Programming's Effect on Mental Health

    Posted 14 Nov 2012

    OP, was the original question posted out of paranoia that one of your favorite things (programming) could be taken away from you? I have noticed that people (including myself at times) will try to take something away from themselves that is important to them, so that it can't be taken away by other means.
    When I was a younger, and unable to control it well, I was effected strongly by ocd. It wasn't the kind that gave me urges to organize, but it was more of a self paranoia. I used to play guitar alot, and always worried that if I didn't play a certain way, and at certain amounts, I would not be able to play well. I also had to treat the guitar itself like it was a 100,000 year animal fossil. I also have a strong paranoia for certain things like chemicals and making sure everything is turned off and locked 50 times, that I have to control daily. I have been prescribed medications which I never filled, because I am strong enough to control it without. There are benefits to it though too, so I am really not complaining. I have a great memory and remember details well.

    The examples go on, and its not really the point, but what I was really asking is do you have a fear that someday you won't be able to program anymore? If not, disregard this
  3. In Topic: Time wasting websites... they're fun!

    Posted 13 Nov 2012

    View Postcalvinthedestroyer, on 12 November 2012 - 02:49 AM, said:

    I'll give you:
    Go Away

    That is hilarious. I wasted so much time yesterday and today reading it. I almost bought his book, but saw that reviews said that most of the material in his books is on the website. bummer.
  4. In Topic: Network configuration in Slackware

    Posted 5 Nov 2012

    And I didn't see the networking forum until now, sorry. Please move if needed
  5. In Topic: Slackware desktop environment

    Posted 5 Nov 2012

    I installed Slackware, and I have to say that I am impressed. I am actually excited to use it.. something I've never experienced with an OS. I installed it with Fluxbox, but haven't used it yet. I have been navigating and learning the basics. I want to learn how to do everything, instead of googling everything. I will defenately be here asking questions though. Eventhough using bash in xubuntu is very similar, slackware is more exciting.

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    07 Dec 2012 - 09:28
    Hey, how's slackware treating you? Good stuff :)
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