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  1. In Topic: Collections Assignment

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    Thank you both so much! Using a combination of your suggestions cleared up the problem entirely.

    By removing the variable from the parameter list for hasNext and then moving my Scanner object up top to make it global got my methods communicating properly (I think).

    Again, thanks for the assist. I'll keep this solution in mind for future reference so I won't run into the same problems. I'm still very much a novice programmer but learning through little problems like this always reaffirms my thirst for knowledge and my love of problem-solving. :D
  2. In Topic: Java Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet)

    Posted 19 Sep 2012

    bloody BRILLIANT
  3. In Topic: Hello!

    Posted 4 Sep 2012

    Unfortunately, one of my companions decided to save me by opening up my TARDIS and peering into the time vortex in order to destroy the daleks (humans, when will they learn). So to save her mind from burning to a crisp I had to absorb all of that energy. Turns out that I can only take so much!

    Simply put, I had to regenerate.


    Most of my ability and experience revolves around the C family. I have a few years of Java and C++ under my belt and I'm slowly teaching myself Objective-C. I can mess around with HTML and Javascript to the extent that I can have some fun and create more foolishness to be displayed on the Internet. My most recent source of fun has been working with Arduino. I love being able to see code execute in a tactile way and I'm hoping to start experimenting with micro controllers and automation with my house as the test subject.

    I've only been browsing for a few days and the amount of knowledge and experience here is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible.

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