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  1. In Topic: Opinions Sought

    Posted 6 Sep 2012

    Thanks for the humour!! Yes in the real world this is all a little challenging, ie I have an idea lets party for free and hope it works!!!

    I'll explore, just found a business partner website or maybe linkedin may have something to explore. Anyway I appreciate your time.


  2. In Topic: Opinions Sought

    Posted 6 Sep 2012

    OK. Just researching this field as its voodoo to me. How long might you expect an average software program to take? I'm guessing years unless you have some real time and money to invest?

    Also, what kind of competence would I be seeking? Graduate? 5 years experience? If you were me and you had what you felt was a good idea how would you get the project off the ground? I'm aware of non disclosure agreements and such but realistically where would I find someone who would be prepared to work for very little income on a project which may ultimately fail? I do believe the idea could do really well and I do have a diversification applications but the base product is pretty simple.

  3. In Topic: Opinions Sought

    Posted 6 Sep 2012

    View Postmodi123_1, on 06 September 2012 - 12:22 PM, said:


    I would like to start working with someone to develop the software and exploit the opportunity. Can anyone share their experience and knowledge?

    Do you want this in 'post a jobs' then?

    Hi,no. I am really seeking to hear from someone who has experience in creating software programs from idea to functioning program.

    For example is it common for people to share the idea and work together to create a saleable product?

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