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  1. In Topic: Sorting without Indices - Challenge!

    Posted 16 Sep 2012

    Simown, to be truly clever and void your challenge would be by the mastery of ignoring it all together. So, no, I am not voiding your challenge. But, if I were a computer, I certainly would not understand your code, as a human I might. But is this a challenge for a 'circle sort of peers'? Or, could it have been done in such a way that includes all neophytes of Python -however gradioso their claims of 'Python Mastery' might be. Once again, programs only understand things the way they are programmed. Humans understand due to whatever other factors might be involved. I am looking at what was said, looking at the literature of Python, and making an educated guess. Programming is a logical thing. Humans, not so much. Besides, I am just a student and have no mastery or expertise in any language.

    I just looked at the material and other challenges, and most things on this site seem like a rather insane stroking of peer inuendo's and nothing that is helpful to the public at large.

    My last question, once again, how in the heck do you edit these posts -or is that a secret only granted to a privy few?

    Thanks once again Simown, oh, and that J-Z song, as a programmer, how could you refer to such ignorance?
  2. In Topic: Sorting without Indices - Challenge!

    Posted 16 Sep 2012

    Thanks Simown. I might try the next challenge 'if' I have learned enough Python by them. With this one, I can't really. Why? Well an indice is an index. Python, all of it's information, is an indice/index -so to speak-, so, no matter what code you write, an index will be used. So, this is why I can not enter the challenge. Variables require an index not unlike binary. But, I do look forward to see whatever you next challenge is. So, I guess based on the semantics and wording of the challenge, I must digress. If I am 'wrong' I challenge you to use 'Logic' -something programmers should be good at- to prove me wrong. Fairs, fair.

    Another thing, how in this world of editors do you edit these posts?
  3. In Topic: Extracting Text Between Tags with BeautifulSoup

    Posted 15 Sep 2012

    Docs on the Python site will help, when here it is obvious he does not understand Python. So, obviously, there is no need to go further with this. Learn Logic.
  4. In Topic: Sorting without Indices - Challenge!

    Posted 15 Sep 2012

    Hey, sorry guys(gals). Been staying up super-late. Too much caff + no sleep + staring at a screen too long isn't good. The link was a feed that iterated through some other urls. Think what I was trying to say -although it came out rather cryptic- was that I saw this link go through a feed. Instead of saying it like their was a conspiracy. Lack of sleep led to poor judgement and choice of words.

    When I wrote 'What is really going on', I should have asked -always thinking internally I forget people can not read my mind - 'What would happen with the could in order to make this happen'. (Of course without giving over an answer to compromise the challenge.

    If you didn't see it, is because obviously, it's a feed (like RSS). I'm really sorry about the confusion, like I said no sleep, staring at a screen, and too much caff really can, well, it's just not good. Just wasn't thinking clearly.

    Gosh, I feel silly now. Once again, apologies.

    Good luck with the challenge.
  5. In Topic: Sorting without Indices - Challenge!

    Posted 14 Sep 2012

    Well, the similarity is that if you plug the operators in -as in looking at detail- you would have seen, in the link, that some of the the link, links back here. I am glad you are not angry.

    The one link just takes feeds in. If you noticed, your feed -this feed- was among them. So, I have no code for this challenge. But, still this has been interesting indeed.

    Is it really without indices? Almost like Zen.

    It's ok, sometimes blind men doing things that those with sight can not see.

    Sometimes, when programming -albeit I am not very good- exploring the logic of what is really going on is interesting.

    Thank you for the challenge.


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