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  1. In Topic: XNA C#: How to use ScreenWidth in other classes?

    Posted 26 Sep 2012

    View PostAdoTheLimey, on 26 September 2012 - 10:43 PM, said:

    This brings up another question - what is the difference between setting the viewport width and height and setting the backbuffer width and height?

    I set my game dimensions like so -

    public static int ScreenWidth = 1280;
    public static int ScreenHeight = 720;
    protected override void Initialize()
                graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth = ScreenWidth;
                graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = ScreenHeight;

    I like that idea more to be honest..

    I also now get it that if I want to use the screenwidth in other classes, I need to declare them public static ... But why is the static so important there? Shouldnt public itself let me declare stuff from other classes?
  2. In Topic: XNA C#: How to use ScreenWidth in other classes?

    Posted 22 Sep 2012

    I just kinda solved it with giving my Ball class constructor extra 2 arguments. Int newScreenWidth and int newScreenHeight . That seems a bit odd way of handling it tho it works... but what would be the correct way?
  3. In Topic: XNA Beginner questions/confirmation of knowledge thusfar.

    Posted 16 Sep 2012

    Cant thank you enough for answering. Definitely got more understanding. I have NO idea how i managed to skip .. I guess the page just looked so bad that I didn't think anything of it... now im thinking its a really good place to find answers to all of my other questions.

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