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  1. In Topic: Converting Math Formula to Java help

    Posted 20 Jan 2015

    Attack and defense are both integers, so you are doing integer instead of floating point divisions. So, 3/7 = 0. You could store them in doubles to begin with. You can even keep the 'nextInt' part and store it directly in a double.
  2. In Topic: Simplifying queries

    Posted 19 Jan 2015

    First I would factor out the sub_page != 'sub_sub_page' and userid='2' part, since it occurs in both 'and' conjuntions.
    SELECT COUNT(id) FROM pages WHERE (sub_page != sub_sub_page AND userid='2') AND (title LIKE '%library%' OR text LIKE '%library%')

    Use parens wherever it makes it easier to read. It's helpful to remember that 'and' is like multiplication and or is like addition as far as which is evaluated first in expression. That is, when you evaluate A and B or C and D, it's interpreted like this: (A and B ) or (C and D). When in doubt, use parentheses to make it easier to interpret.

    Your search options could be encoded as conjunctions. Let's say you pass a string parameter '%1', which takes values 'title', 'text', and 'both'.
    ... WHERE sub_page != 'sub_sub_page'
    AND userid = '2'
            ( ('%1' = 'title' OR '%1' = 'both') AND title LIKE '%library%' )
        OR  ( ('%1' = 'text' OR '%1' = 'both')  AND text LIKE '%library%' ) 
  3. In Topic: Why do I get the error - "being used without being initialized"

    Posted 19 Jan 2015

    Because you haven't initialized 'q'. When you create a pointer you've only allocated a place to hold the address of an object. You also have to allocate the space for it. You can do this using 'new'.
    bintree_node *q = new bintree_node();

    New allocates memory, runs the constructor, and then passes you a pointer to the newly created object. When you allocate something this way, you also need to free the memory when you're done with it. This is done using delete example:
    #include <iostream>
    int main()
      int *p = new int(); // allocate space for an int
      *p = 4;
      std::cout << *p << "\n";
      delete p;           // free space allocated for int
  4. In Topic: (java) Help With Simple Assignment

    Posted 18 Jan 2015

    Yeah, why not? From your assignment it looks like you also need to do error checking (see Scanner.hasNextInt()).
  5. In Topic: Which algorithm is used?

    Posted 18 Jan 2015

    It doesn't necessarily have a name. It's a simple heuristic.

    If you're curious what 'minimax with alpha-beta pruning' looks like, that's over here in SML:

    Minimax search and Alpha-Beta Pruning

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    Thanks man you got mad skills!
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