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  1. In Topic: Which IDE should I use for Python as a beginner?

    Posted 12 Dec 2012

    I like geany and komodo-edit
  2. In Topic: improve emirp generator

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    Hello Jim

    on my computer an 8 yr. old toshiba p4 laptop it took 22m41.497s with MAX_RANGE set at 1,000,000,000.
    I lowered MAX_RANGE to 1,000,000 for testing and that's what it is in the post. Sorry, I should have
    pointed that out.

    I just found a prime check algorithm on the snippets page of this site posted by retardedgenius that
    is way faster than mine and I'm testing that right now.

    Thanks for replying
  3. In Topic: problem with finding GCD

    Posted 23 Sep 2012

    It looks like you are loading eax with num1 (the divisor) and dividing it with num2 the dividend.
    Just the way you have it in your comment on line 150 which should read '30/12 = 2r6 12/6 = 2r0'.

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