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  1. In Topic: Regex Pattern

    Posted 1 Apr 2013

    The numbers occur at the start of the string.

    I am using the Csharp based string.replace() method. I only want the LETTERS within the first word REMAINING. So that I am left with either an F or M or any derivative therein for the gender.

    That means REMOVING any number, second word, and white space.

    Original: 23F Type
    Match: 23 Type
    Result after REPLACE Should be: F
  2. In Topic: Regex Pattern

    Posted 1 Apr 2013

    Need to match:

    String: 23F Type
    Match: Everything EXCEPT any character that comes after the first numbers.

    I am using C#. I am trying to get Gender from this string. I need to only match numbers within the first word in this string, white spaces, and the second word. ONLY allow non-numeric charecters within the first word.

    input = Regex.Replace(instance.Text, @"\b(\w*)\b$", String.Empty, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
  3. In Topic: Regex Pattern

    Posted 29 Mar 2013

    I want the word that comes both before and after actually. I took a look at the problem again. Yes, follows the space!

    Stored in an array, IList, or whatever.
  4. In Topic: Unit Testing MSpec and Rhino

    Posted 1 Mar 2013

    View PostSkydiver, on 28 February 2013 - 07:46 PM, said:

    What was the exception thrown?

    Unable to create an instance of type WeatheService.

    That was the actual exception.
  5. In Topic: Unit Testing MSpec and Rhino

    Posted 28 Feb 2013

    How about this. I just want to test GetCurrentConditions.

     public class WeatherService : IWeatherService
            readonly IWeatherRepository _weatherRepository;
            readonly ISiteSettingsService _siteSettingsService;
            readonly ICurrentSiteModel _current;
            readonly ICacheProvider<CurrentConditionsDTO> _currentConditionsCacheProvider;
            readonly ICacheProvider<DailyForecastDTO> _dailyForecastCacheProvider;
            readonly ICacheProvider<HourlyForecastDTO> _hourlyForecastCacheProvider;
            readonly int _siteId;
            readonly SiteSettingsDTO _siteSettings;
            public WeatherService(IWeatherRepository weatherRepository,
                                    ISiteSettingsService siteSettingsService,
                                    ICurrentSiteModel current,
                                    ICacheProvider<CurrentConditionsDTO> currentConditionsCacheProvider,
                                    ICacheProvider<DailyForecastDTO> dailyForecastCacheProvider,
                                    ICacheProvider<HourlyForecastDTO> hourlyForecastCacheProvider)
                _weatherRepository = weatherRepository;
                _siteSettingsService = siteSettingsService;
                _currentConditionsCacheProvider = currentConditionsCacheProvider;
                _dailyForecastCacheProvider = dailyForecastCacheProvider;
                _hourlyForecastCacheProvider = hourlyForecastCacheProvider;
                _current = current;
                _siteId = _current.Site.OldSiteId;
                _siteSettings = _siteSettingsService.LoadSiteSettings();
            private static readonly Regex caZipRegex = new Regex(@"^([AaBbCcEeGgHhJjKkLlMmNnPpRrSsTtVvXxYy]\d[A-Za-z]\s?\d[A-Za-z]\d)$", RegexOptions.Compiled);
            private static readonly Regex usaZipRegex = new Regex(@"(\d{5}|\d{5}\-\d{4})$", RegexOptions.Compiled);
            private static readonly Regex cityStateRegex = new Regex(@"^(?<city>[\.A-Za-z\s]*)(?:,\s?(?<state>[\sA-Za-z]+)|\s(?<state>[A-Za-z]{2}))", RegexOptions.Compiled);
            #region Current Conditions
            public CurrentConditionsViewModel GetCurrentConditions(bool canUseAPI)
                int groupID;
                Int32.TryParse(_siteSettings.SiteSettingsDictionary.GetValueSafe(string.Format("{0}-{1}", SiteSettingsCategory.Weather.ToString(), "WeatherGroupID")), out groupID);
                return GetCurrentConditions(GetGroupLocation(groupID, null), canUseAPI);


    public class GetCurrentConditions : WeatherServiceSpecs
            public static CurrentConditionsViewModel _currentConditionsViewModel;
            public static bool canUseAPI;
            Establish that = () =>
                _currentConditionsViewModel = new CurrentConditionsViewModel
                    ConditionID = 1
            Because of = () =>
                _currentConditionsViewModel = Subject.GetCurrentConditions(canUseAPI);
            It Can_Use_API_To_Access = () =>

    I get Unable to create an instance of type WeatheService. The constructor threw an exception. I'm using Ninject. I still have to pass in all the fields into the constructor?

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