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  1. In Topic: Need alot of help with java swing drawing

    Posted 31 Mar 2013

    View Postcfoley, on 31 March 2013 - 03:53 PM, said:

    If I were to design this, I would make a Polygon class. It would have two important methds. One would add a Point to the end of the Polygon. The other would take a Graphics g object and draw the Polygon.

    Alternatively, I could use the Polygon class in the Java API:

    Other than that, it's pretty simple. Part of the problem is that your classes are doing too much. Break them into simpler pieces.

    Ok im having difficulty when i click on the frame, for the vertex to show up, and then when i click again how do i make them keep connecting. Like i can get the 1st vertex and 2nd vertex to connect with a line. But i cant get the 2nd and 3rd and so forth to also connect with line.
  2. In Topic: Need alot of help with java swing drawing

    Posted 31 Mar 2013

    Sir that doesnt have anything to do with what i asked
  3. In Topic: UML Diagram need help

    Posted 22 Mar 2013

    Honestly, my biggest problem is getting the program started. the program takes a text file and converts it into a quiz. for example, if the first letter of the text file is N, then it makes it a numeric question. I just do not know how to use this uml diagram to make it into a program. I need help getting started

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