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  1. In Topic: AutoNumber P.key

    Posted 19 Dec 2012

    Hi tlhIn`toq,

    Never tried to do it programmatically, coz I'm just new about it. I will make a post my result about trying this when i got my laptop by tomorrow. Also been planning to download the real version but I feel I'm going to recreate all my works by doing it.
  2. In Topic: Saving the image from picture box as path

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    Thank you Charlie for a good idea. I'll soon try that then I'll post the result in this same thread
  3. In Topic: Max() function stops at 10

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    I need all the columns because i will display it in a datagridview. But no worries i can do the display only the selection of data from database
  4. In Topic: Max() function stops at 10

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    Sure ill check it then post what i got. Btw can i ask another question? Example I have a table like this

    Auto_ID Name Status
    1 apple In
    2 apple Out
    4 apple In
    5 Mango In

    i want to select all name with "In" Status i tried to use select name from table where value = in
    but returns 2 apple and 1 mango. But i just want to get the latest In of apple and count it as 1
    so the it will give me apple and Mango only
  5. In Topic: Max() function stops at 10

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    I just use max to get the highest value in Auto_ID column then put it in a label as integer then add +1 yea it can cause auto increment but when it reaches 10 it stop i think I'm missing something like it can only read 1 digit number

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